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The family and friends of Ashley Hook are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against ovarian cancer. Please show your support!

On December 22, 2011 Ashley Hook was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, papillary serous carcinoma, a rare, fast growing, aggressive cancer. Ashley’s doctor removed a 5lb tumor along with one of her ovaries and fallopian tubes. A full hysterectomy consequently was the next customary procedure followed by aggressive chemotherapy, however her doctor was hesitant due to her age. Removing Ashley’s remaining ovary and fallopian tube when they currently showed no signs of cancer sending her into menopause and taking away her ability to bear children at just 18 years old, was not an easy decision. Conversely, not removing them could be dangerous and eventually cost Ashley her life. After further testing, her doctor determined, at least for now, he could leave her healthy ovary and fallopian tube. Ashley then immediately started chemotherapy and she is currently undergoing treatment at Phoenix Children’s Hospital - East Valley Center. For the next 5 years, Ashley will need follow up visits every 3 weeks. This rare, fast growing, aggressive cancer needs constant monitoring, even 1 month of non-care could be the difference between life and death for Ashley.

Just barely 18 years old, a high school senior who was a good student, extremely involved in Key Club, Student Council and the Scorpion Co-ed Cheer Team; Ashley's life has forever changed. Once a Bronze Award winner in Girl Scouts and Student of the Year that grew to be a bright eyed, happy-go-lucky teenager who was busy with school, friends and extra curricular activities, was now facing an illness even the most astute of adults can barely manage.

Ashley had plans to go into the Nursing Program at U of A and she was a candidate for a cheerleading scholarship. However, a few weeks ago she was denied that scholarship. Ashley was told that if she stayed sick or got sick again, she wouldn’t be able to fulfill the scholarship, therefore it had to go to a student that could for sure use it. Ashley was yet again devastated.

In addition to this, Ashley’s current health insurance will expire in October 2012. Obtaining her own policy is going to be difficult at best, private insurance companies will likely deny her. State insurance AHCCCS is only available for individuals with children and on a case by case basis right now, which she will likely be denied due to her existing condition and cost of her care. Until current healthcare laws change, Ashley is being told to anticipate no health insurance. We don't want to Ashley to go without medical care. As even with insurance, Ashley will still have co-pays, co-insurance and non-covered services to account for. With her need of constant medical care, we are not sure what to expect and are praying Ashley will have the support she needs.

Our family has been overwhelmed by all of this. We are filled with feelings of anguish and helplessness. The empathy and generosity from friends and complete strangers has been heartening and encouraging. Those who love and care about Ashley are doing everything we can to assist her in any way. A strong, dedicated support system and just knowing that people care, can make such an impact in a traumatic situation like this. Ashley is a smart, zealous, spirited girl; her courage is inspiring and she is determined to beat cancer.

As parents, we are willing to do anything to ensure the well being of our children. However, one of life’s challenges is that our willingness unfortunately comes at a cost. Our job as parents is to find a way to cover these costs. This is why, along with Ashley’s parents, our family started this fundraiser. We would like to make certain that Ashley’s journey ahead is the future she deserves. We ask that you consider making a donation, any help that you can offer so that we can continue to provide the care that Ashley needs. Your donation, no matter how big or small contributes and supports her future.

Thank you for taking the time to read Ashley's story. We wish happiness and good health to you and your family.

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