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Let's rally around Sue, Andy, AJ and Angelina to help relieve some of their financial stress

We are the friends and family of Suzanne (Sue) Gallo and are determined to support her in her battle with breast cancer. Perhaps you are part of this group. Have you camped with her and have you enjoyed one of her amazing Thanksgiving Feasts for Campers? Has she helped coach your child in baseball? Or, maybe she did an appraisal on your home and you became friends. Did you walk with her to raise money for breast cancer awareness? You may have noticed her. She was in her first round of chemo, could barely walk and had to stop along the way but was determined to show us all that she would fight and also raise money for the cause. She did just that and raised over $2,000. It’s true; she has touched many of us with her never-ending love of life and generosity. Once you meet her, you are blessed with a forever friend. She stays so positive, protecting you from her pain so you may not even know her story. Suzanne was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in May, 2012. She continued to coach, camp and work, fighting not only to live life but also to enjoy it. Her journey has been difficult and while she keeps fighting, she has moved to the final phase of breast cancer, stage 4. It is time for us to show her that we are her forever friends and family, just as she has been to us for all these years. Sue has told her story only a few times, preferring to focus on healing and fighting and living. We want to share it with you in her own words.

“In May 2012, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer and went for 16 weeks of chemo. I had a right mastectomy with full axillary lymph node dissection and had an expander placed for reconstruction in November. After recovering from the surgery, I started 30 days of radiation treatments in January 2013 that lasted through March. All was ok and I was recovering physically and mentally. Life began to almost resume normalcy. I returned to work in April of 2013 and, once again, actively participated in my kids’ sports and extra-curricular activities. After much consideration, in February of 2014, I resumed the complex process of Tram reconstruction. The plan was to have the final reconstruction surgeries during the summer. This did not happen because in April my cancer markers went up. It was discovered that my cancer had pretty much spread to all my major bones. This meant I am now a stage 4 cancer patient. In April, after learning that the cancer had spread, I began a targeted therapy with the drug Fulvestrant. By July, the cancer in my spine caused the pain to be so unbearable, it was decided to halt all plans of reconstruction and I was placed on radiation therapy for my spine. In August, my expander was removed so that I would be able to have MRIs done for more accurate diagnoses. This September tests showed that the treatment with Fulvestrant was not working and I was switched to a new chemo, Xeloda. In October, we learned that the cancer had spread to my brain cavity so I started a ten-day radiation treatment and am now back on chemo.

I am trying to take each moment in and fight hard while living life as fully and normally as this Beast of a disease will allow. My family definitely is my strength and so are my friends! So there you have it. The rundown of what’s been going on with me. Angelina will be 16 in December. In January, AJ will turn 15. He is 5'10" already, towering over me. Angelina is looking into studying abroad for a year after high school or in 12th grade. Both of them make me proud every day. While totally different, thank God they are good to each other. Andy is working as usual, maybe a little too much but I am out on disability so he worries. I worry about him too. He doesn't deserve a 41-year-old wife with stage 4 cancer. But I tell him I am not going anywhere so he is stuck with me! The hardest part of all my treatment has been the loss of physical contact with those that I love. Throughout different phases of treatment the pain was so unbearable that to even have my kids sit next to me on the couch was painful. To receive a hug from my husband sometimes just took the strength right out of me. Thankfully, right now that has subsided because I love my cuddles, snuggles and hugs. They give me so much strength and positive energy.”

We love that Andy is “stuck” with Suzanne. He has been her “rock” throughout this journey. What amazing parents they are, that while they fight this awful disease, they keep Angelina and AJ focused on studying and going on to college. Let’s help them get this done. We know that it must be extremely stressful now that two incomes are down to one and the bills keep coming. Now it is our time to support Sue, Andy, Angelina and AJ. We want to help relieve some of their financial stress. We can help her family have less worry about where the money will come from. With a little help from her forever friends and family, we can make this happen.

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