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I had children with a woman who turned out years later to be a drug addict she kept my son from me and dropped my daughter off on my parents door step I hadn't heard from her in yrs when I was taking care of my father who was dying of cancer she contacted me and asked to see her daughter she told me her mother would supervise .

I needed a break so I agreed. She used this time to manipulate my child into going to live with her. The mother saw dollar signs thinking my father would leave some financial windfall to my daughter. That did not happen as cancer cost had taken care of his finances as well as mine. New York State said she was old enough despite my objections to decide who she wanted to live with. They took so much in child support I could not pay my bills could not get to work as I live in a rural area and had to drive 50 miles daily for work. They then took my drivers license and refuse to adjust support costs . My daughter was removed from her mothers care for using drugs with her and then I found out my thirteen year old baby girl was pregnant. I could not take her home I was unemployed and I as a single man could not give a minor pregnant drug addicted child the help she needed. Because I couldn't take her in they have not allowed me to see her in years she is now eighteen and I have never seen my grandchild I can only afford a public defender wich does me no good at all. Please I cannot take this anymore I really need help legal financial any help even if it's a kind word
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