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Meredith is a sweet 7 month old baby who was born with Arteriovenous Malformation(AVM). Because of the AVM in her brain she is in congestive heart failure. We are going to New York to help save her life and would appreciate any donations!

Meredith is a sweet little baby who was born with an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) in her right temporal lobe. Because of this AVM she is in congestive heart failure.The AVM is a tangled mass of blood vessels in her brain. The AVM allows to much blood to flow to her brain because there are no capillaries between the arteries and the veins to slow down the blood flow. After the blood rushes to her brain it rushes back down to her heart. Because all the blood rushes back down to her heart so fast it causes fluid to bulid up around her heart. The fluid around her heart leads to her congestive heart failure.

She was hospitalized at Scottish Rite in the NICU when she was 2 days old. While she was there her congestive heart failure got worse so they had no choice but to operate on her AVM. So when she was 1 week and 6 days old they took her to Emory University Hospital to have and embolization done on her AVM. During the embolization they insert a catheter threw her groin all the way up to her brain. Then with the catheter they insert a glue substance into the veins to help block off some of the blood flow.With her first embolization on 9/21/09 they were able to block off 50% of the blood flow. Her heart failure still remained after the surgery. The goal of the embolization is to stop the excessive blood flow which would stop the fluid from building up around her heart.

On Jan. 14 2010 Meredith was hopitalized in Egleston with RSV. The RSV was making it harder for Meredith to breath because her lungs were so congested and had fluid built up in them. After ten days she was released to go home because she had gotten over the worst part of the RSV.
On Jan.28 2010 Meredith was readmitted back into Egleston because she was having trouble breathing. After chest x-rays and echocardiograms it was realized by the caridologists that her heart failure had gotten worse. They told us she would be unable to make it without another embolization to her AVM. So her next surgery was done on Feb.4 2010. The Interventional Radiologist felt very pleased with the work he did and thought that this surgery would buy her more time. After 7 days on the ventilator she came off and the cardiologist thought her heart failure had improved in some degree. We got to go home on Feb.15 2010. The surgery helped to the smallest degree and now we are back at square one.

Meredith's heart failure has gotten worse again and the cardiologist feels if she keeps going at this rate she will just keep going down hill and eventually die. So we have been referred to the #1 AVM doctor in North America. His name is Dr.Alejandro Bernstein and he is located in New York City. So now Meredith and I must venture to New York to find a fix for her AVM. He promises that he can do more for her and I am praying to God that he can. We have no clue how we are going to get up there and that is why we are asking for donations. Only I can go with Meredith because my husband must stay home and work. So I am praying that I can do this on my own! We would GREATLY appreciate any donations you may be able to give be it $1 or $100.

Meredith is the only daughter that I and Michael have together. We hold her very dear to our hearts and pray that she will make it thru all this. We never expected to have to go threw all this pain and the unknown but we believe God gave us Meredith to make us stronger. Meredith is a fighter and we believe she can win againist anything. We would just like to ask that you pray for Meredith and her well being and keep her in your thoughts.Also please pray for Meredith to have a successful surgery.Please invite everyone you know.

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