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The family and friends of Victoria White are uniting to raise money to help with medical cost and related expenses not covered by insurance.

VICTORIA WHITE was born May 25th of this year.
She was born with duodenal Artesia (double bowel for short). This basically means that her intestines were separated. Two days after Victoria was born she had surgery to repair this and did quite well. The family was told to expect a 10-14 day hospital stay. When it came time to start feeding her via bottle after her surgery she would get choked. A barium study showed she aspirated everything she swallowed. To avoid the risk of pneumonia and for the family to be able to bring her home she had another surgery which was to have a feeding tube (g tube) put in so that she could be fed directly into her stomach with a pump.

While still in the NICU Victoria started having choking episodes but they were told it was reflux. Every doctor that saw Victoria was told by the family about the choking episodes. She was released to go home on Independence Day (July 4th)!! The family was able to take Victoria home after 41 days in the NICU..

On August 17, Victoria stopped breathing and her father had to do CPR on her. Thankfully, he and his wife were required to take CPR before they took her home. Victoria was rushed to the hospital & admitted. On August 28, 2012 Victoria had another surgery to have a GJ tube inserted.The GJ tube feeds directly into her small intestine and they hoped this would solve the choking. A bronchial scope was also performed and showed no reason for the choking episodes.

Two days after the GJ placement Victoria's choking worsened and she began vomiting. An bowel xray showed that the GJ tube had caused a total bowel blockage so the J tube had to be removed. Since, the J removal Victoria suffers multiple episides a day of pain.

While recovering from the bowel blockage & J tube removal Victoria began running a fever. Blood cultures showed a white blood cell count of 92,000 because she had contacted a very serious blood line infection called Klebsiella Oxytoca. A 14 day antiobiotic regimen was ordered to knock out the dangereus infection.

The family agreed to the G tube and the GJ tube because they need Victoria to be as strong as possible to face heart surgery. She has a congenital heart defect called AVSD. The doctors decided in order to have a successful heart surgery they needed to attempt to place the J tube again so after heart surgery they would have a safe way to feed her. On October 8, Victoria endured another surgery for the tube placement. So far this placement has been successful but she still is suffering from pain episodes.

The plan is for her to undergo open heart surgery in October. It has also been determined through many studies that she will have to undergo additional bowel surgery to repair a narrowing in her bowel which will hopefully stop the daily pain.

The double bowel and the heart defect are both issues associated with trisomy 21 (Down's Syndrome). The family was informed while they were pregnant that Victoria had the extra 21st chromosome. They made the decision to cherish the blessing that they were given. They tried a long time to have a baby. Victoria is truly a blessing.

Jason took three days off when Victoria was born. Since then he has worked every day that has been available (six and seven days a week). He needs to take some time off to rest and enjoy his precious little girl. He also needs to work to take care of his family. He is a good husband and a great father. He has not asked for help. We know Jason is exhausted and weary. He needs rest but most of all he needs to know that he is not alone in this journey. When asked if we could help, he said he doesn't want people to feel sorry for them. He said as far as the Down's Syndrome... they want it to be a part of who Victoria is... and not a label. What a powerful statement! It is a testament to the kind of family Victoria has been blessed to have!

We are friends of this family. We could not in good conscious not at least reach out to like minded people to ask for your prayers and support. This family needs financial relief soon. What ever you feel in your heart to do would be greatly appreciated by this family. There is truly power in prayer. There is generosity in the world. Please show yours today.

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