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The family and friends of Ali McKean are trying to raise money for her special needs equipment and medical expenses.

We were able to raise over $3,000.00 at Ali's first Yard Sale fundraiser and were able to order her special needs stroller!! Thank you to everyone who helped! However we are STILL fighting SSI disability to get help for Ali, even though she is on the SSI Compassionate Allowances List (which typically means immediate approval) we are still fighting for assistance. Ali desperately needs to get going on her hydrotherapy, the only therapy she can do. In order for her to get the hydrotherapy we currently have to come up with about 5k, we are also in need of a special needs van, as lifting her into our current SUV or her climbing into it is exacerbating her condition. Every penny counts and we are extremely grateful to everyone who can help out! Please feel free to click on our links and follow us on Facebook or join Ali's Army at You can also find us on twitter at AliMcKeansArmy to stay update on her condition! <3

Ali (Alexandria) is a very vibrant 5 year old girl, who greets every day with a smile. She is very active and loves to play with her siblings (15, 14 and 7) and puppy! Ali has been through more than her fair share of medical tests and procedures in her 5 years with us. She has been poked and proded and even operated on, not knowing the drs were only progressing her disorder. Ali was recently diagnosed with very rare genetic disorder called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, or FOP for short. Some have heard it referred to as stone mans disease, or real human mutants on the discovery health channel. Our baby is no mutant, however she has mutated genes. Her muscles and connective tissues are slowly turning to bone. She is, for lack of a better term, turning into a statue. Its something you usually only hear of in movies, being so rare it only occurs in 1 in 2 million people worldwide. We encourage everyone to read up on FOP and become aware. There are currently no treatments or cures for FOP, although it is being heavily researched. You can donate to the research at Ali's family is struggling not only emotionally, but financially. Their world has been flipped upside down and their daughter is in need of many things that a typically family does not plan for. Strollers for a larger child, whose pain is too great to walk through a park or zoo, wheelchairs, making their home handicap accessible, purchasing a vehicle that is handicap accessible, as lifting Ali can cause her more damage. Ali also needs hydrotherapy, speech therapy, just to start with and will be making several trips to her drs in Columbus as well as Dr Kaplan, lead researcher in Pennsylvania. Any trauma she sustains can cause flare ups, which are extremely painful swellings, this is also phase one of the ossification process. This includes tickling, bumping, hugging, squeezing, lifting, wrestling and trips & falls, and many other activities that children normally do on a regular basis without thinking twice. Ali's parents are working very hard to help raise awareness and funds to support a cure. You can follow Ali and ask questions on facebook @ Ali's Army. If you would like to send money via check, all checks can be made payable to Ali's Army and mailed to First National Bank, 120 North Street, Bellevue, Ohio 44811. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give and of course for all prayers!
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