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Joe has tophi gout / back problems. Some new wheels and a SmartDrive MX2 mobility device are needed for his wheelchair. See videos above.

Many assisted us in initially purchasing a wheelchair. Thank you. Now we need your help once again. 

Joe has chronic gout, also known as tophi gout. This is not just a hurting big toe, but is an extremely painful disease that goes throughout the body to all the joints. There is no cure at present for gout. It is a serious genetic disease causing the body to not properly get rid of uric acid. High uric acid can lead to high kidney and liver enzymes (like in Joe's case), which may lead to death. 

The gout bumps, crystal like filled blisters (literally tophi, or tophus) are dissolving on Joe's feet and fingers. This is great news! This indicates that the meds are working and that the rest of the tophi in the remainder of his body are also dissolving. While he is not at the finish line yet, this is progress. While we still have a few more years to go on this front, after numerous doctors, medications, and various other treatments, we are hopeful. 

Because the tophi have been dissolving, the gout is affecting Joe's fingers more than ever. They have been getting worse and worse. They are always stiff, painful, and swollen. They are becoming unusable. While Joe is thankful and very fortunate that his place of employment has supplied voice recognition software for typing, it is getting more difficult to grip and hold things. A cane is now less useful, even dangerous. Thankfully he has a wheelchair.

The wheelchair wheels though are only rated for 265 lbs. Because of the medications Joe is presently on - for both the tophi gout and a bad back - he averages from 260-280 lbs. So, at present the wheelchair is not always usable. Therefore, Joe is not as independently mobile as he needs to be. So, he needs some new wheelchair heavy duty wheels, for a cost of approximately $1850.00 or so (wheels, camber, hubs, tires, hand rims, and hopefully a 5/8" axle, receiver, labor, etc.). 

In addition, since Joe's feet and fingers (due to his tophi gout) and shoulders (due to his lower back) are both not as functional as they need to be, he is hoping for a wheelchair electrical assist device known as "SmartDrive MX2." This device would help Joe use his fingers less and his palms / elbows more to control his wheelchair. A proper way of stating the upgrade would be that it would essentially make the manual wheelchair a hybrid-electric one. Needless to say, this would help with some of Joe's pain and mobility issues. The price is approximately $6817.00 with some accessories (including a carry bag, extra module, band, and a throttle control) before labor. We have included a link below so you may review the product. 

So, we need $8667.00. Insurance will not cover these necessary upgrades. And besides my insurance deductible is $6650.00. This is a lot of money, but still more economical than an electrical wheelchair, a specialized van, and additional vehicle insurance, etc. So, please we need your help.

Thanks for anything you can do.

#GiveForward so Joe can #GoForward -->>

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