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This is to help with ongoing out-of-pocket medical expenses including adult day care and co-pays for medicine just to name a few.

On July 2, 2012 Tee had a major setback in his life. He became a victim to two severe strokes, and since then has gone through some drastic changes in his life. The financial stability that once was, is now being challenged by the medical bills. That is why we, the family and friends of the DelFratte family, are asking for your support. His wife works full time to keep the house going and recently had to give up her second job to stay home and take care of her husband. He also has a 17 year old daughter who is a junior in high school. We hope that you will find it in your heart to help out this family.

If you do not know Tee here is a little bit about him.  If there is one thing he loves it would be golf. He would play at least few times a week, and if not to play, he was teaching his daughter the game. A great part of his therapy is to play wii golf, he loves it! He was well respected at a local banquet hall cooking for events and met many people who loved his cooking ways. By trade he was a meat cutter the majority of his life and helped many people.   Another thing he loves is all Cleveland sports.  Even through these past 4 months of his recovery, every Sunday he still watches the Browns play.  He also loves to watch Bruce Drennan on STO. 

All donations given to the DelFratte family will help will numerous things.  The main thing will be adult day care. He is not allowed to be left alone for a long time.  He is not in a stable mind set to think of little things on his own. Another cost is for co-pays. He is up to about 12 differnt medicines that need refilled every 90 days.  The last thing the donations would go to is back and fourth trips to the Cleveland Clinic.  All of his doctors are there and he has appointments a least once every 2-3 weeks with multiple doctors not to mention all the local doctor appts and outpatient thearpies.

Tee is a great husband and father, whose  life is being stopped due to the stroke. He has had many medical problems over the past 5 years including a major heart attack, a hip replacement, ongoing diabetes and now this major set back with the strokes and seizures, its a lot to go through only being 55 years old.  Thank you to everyone for your donations and support through this all!!

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