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This is the Hope4deedee fund. The funds will be used for Dee Dee's medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance. Thank you.

Hi, I would like to share a story that I hope will touch your hearts. When my 33 year old daughter became pregnant 10 years ago, she was abruptly taken off medication she had been taking for years. I was awarded legal guardianship of her 9 year old son. After being taken off these medications, she started having tremors, involuntary movements and severe muscle spasms. She has been hospitalized so many times for this debilatating condition. I have taken her for botox, acupuncture, and to an Ayurvedic doctor. Nothing seems to work. After many requests to her neurologist, I finally got a referral to take her to a clinic in Gainesville, Florida thinking that they would admit her for treatment, but they didn't. Just watching her go through all this agony is really unbearable and I just can't imagine what my daughter is feeling, going through this for so long. Her son, Jacquez , who is only 9 tells his mom every day how much he loves her and how very strong she is to go through what she is going through. He tells her one day, these things will be gone and tells her to pray like he does for "them things to go away". He says one day they will be able to play together. It is very heart- wrenching to watch and I just feel so hopeless not being able to help her. I love my daughter so much and I know she is definitely a fighter but she is constantly being discharged from these hospitals sometimes in worst shape than when she got there. On one particular occasion, they were about to discharge her and discovered that her organs were shutting down. She then had to have dialysis. Now she has started to black out, not responding when you call her name. I pray so hard when she has these things for her to just open her eyes. The doctors say these are non-epileptic seizures, but they are just as scary. Each time she has had them I dialed 911. The doctors ask me why do I keep bringing her back to the emergency room and I simply tell them that I am in mommy mode and that is what mothers do. She had started having these things so often that I did wait the last one out that she had for about 4 hours before calling 911.The 911 operator told me to never, ever, do that again. She has now been hospitalized for about a month, but still no change in her condition. I know there is hope and I do have faith that there is a doctor out there somewhere that can help my daughter to alleviate some, if not all of her suffering. We need a miracle to take place, a doctor, specialist, someone, something, that will help her get better. Your contributions will without a doubt help her achieve this. For the past 10 years, I have worked a part-time week-end job in order to be my daughter's full time caregiver and full time custodial parent to my grandson. I am asking for a doctor who can feel my plight and help me, help my daughter. I am at my wits end. I can not and will not give up on my child, but I am at a loss and feel so alone in my quest for hope. Please, please help me in this mission for my beautiful daughter before it is too late! She has been suffering for far too long. Any amount you can give will be extremely appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support and may God bless each and everyone of you. Please click update for more information on DeeDee or you can contact me at

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