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Bailey--a beautiful boxer with multiple forms of cancer needs your help.

My parent's have been through enough this year. We've all been through enough this year. All other worries aside I'm here to let you know that this is the second boxer we have owned that has been diagnosed with cancer. They fought with the first one until the very end. Carried her seizing 80+ pound body down flights of stairs they sometimes could barely manage themselves, spent thousands in health care and then finally gave all they could just to make her comfortable. Her name was Aliya.

This guy is Bailey. Humongous and silly. Lots of love and energy to burn. Much bigger than the last, but more sure of his place as lap dog. He has lymphoma. It's the second form of cancer found in his dear body. They removed a tumor from one of his legs months ago. Recently they have found it has spread to his neck, lungs and chest.

And now I'm doing what I try my hardest not to...

I'm asking for your help.


Think of the last time you bought a pet. What was it? A kitten on the side of the road? A goldfish? An account draining Petland puppy? It doesn't really matter what it was though because when you purchased that pet along with all of its belongings you were reaching out for a friend. Someone to talk to when you were all alone. Someone to cuddle with when you needed it most. You never considered chemotherapy for one. Can you imagine two?

So, my dear friends, I'm not asking for you to throw your life savings my way. All I'm asking for is a dollar. One dollar. Less than you spend on a cup of coffee. Way less than that pack of cigarettes in your pocket.

Please give what you can. Show your support in any way.

Lots of love. Always.

- Stephanie L. Reed
Athens, Ohio

[EDIT: I asked my mother to put together some details for me so you guys can get an idea of cost and if you would like to verify any information.]

Diagnosis: Lymphoma mediastinal/multicentric. Pleural effusion. Pulmonary mass-primary vs. secondary. Suspect hypercalemia. Peripheral nerve sheath tumor.

Bailey is being treated at Metropolitan Veternary/Akron Veternary (Internal medicine/oncology practice). His doctor is Patty Thalhofer DVM.

His treatment: Vincristine 0.5mg IV q week x 8 weeks. Prednisone 20mg 1 q 12 hrs. Cytoxan 50mg q every other day. Metronidazole 500 mg 1 q 12 hrs.

Average costs:

$100 for each biopsy.

$500 initial eval. xrays. bloodwork. chemo iv and rx's

$1750 chemo iv, bloodwork and prescriptions x7 weeks.

Re-evaluation after 8th week and more than likely another round after that...
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