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Please help Buster We are trying to get help to raise money so he can get both of the Luxating Patellas surgery's he needs so he can walk :(

Please help Buster Brown get the Surgery he needs, we help rescue Buster Brown on June 15th From the Genesee County Animal Control. I am an Animal lover for the past 2 years I have been constantly going to the animal shelter and trying to talk my roommate into getting a pet. Finally I got him to crack and give in, I made him stop by the Genesee County Animal Control Center so we could check out all the pets and I fell in love with this little dog who we now call Buster Brown He was such well mannered and behaved and just sat there chewing on his toy. I told my roommate this is it he such a good dog we have to save him or they are going to put him down and kill him. Normally we go to no kill shelters so this is the first time he had been to the pound. My roommate loves animals to he just did not want to ever get another pet because he does not want to have to deal with the heart break of when you fall in love with the little guys and they become part of your family then one day they are gone and pass on so he said he would never get another pet and to be honest he did think he could afford a pet. But I talked him into it saying there not really that much they just need food and water toys don’t cost much and your vet check up every now in then it wont be that much. And after telling him this little guy was going to be killed if he did not save him finally made him give in. The next day we went and he adopted him.

Art my roommate has a new best friend Buster Brown, We are not for sure what breed he is the pound had no info on him he was a stray. I knew that art would love Buster and Buster deserved a good home. Buster is spoiled rotten could not be happier. Buster favorite thing to do Run, He is a ball of energy all day he watches the squirrels inside threw the window and soon as he gets outside he on a hunt for squirrels he thinks he can chase them down.

About a month ago we noticed every now and then Buster had a little limp or looked like his leg went out but we only saw it once a week or so, then last week it happened a lot so we called his vet and had him go in to get checked out thinking it was just a sprain or something simple we new it was not broke he could still walk on it and no bones are popping out. So we where not thinking anything to bad would happen to poor little Buster.

That’s when we learned from the vet that Buster has Luxating Patella, in not only one but both of his back legs. "Luxating" is a fancy word for dislocating. Patella is your dog's "knee", the joint on the front of her/his hind leg. So a luxating patella is a dislocating knee or as some have nick named it; trick knee, a knee that keeps slipping out of its socket. This can happen in Boston Terriers and certain toy breeds with weak ligaments, tendons, and/or muscles. It can also happen other breeds in pups whose kneecap groove is too narrow or shallow. The knee usually slips inwardly, toward the body, and locks so that your dog can't bend her/his leg.

Our vet was very surprised to see Buster had it for his size he is only 11 months old and going on 48 pounds. She said it normally only happens to small dog breads in that her whole carrier of being a vet she has not seen a dog his size have a disability like this in 30 years of her being a vet. Needless to say she said he has a very bad case and needs to have surgery on both of his knees and start one with in at least 2 to 4 weeks. If not Buster will never walk correct again and have arthritis and be in pain for the rest of his life.

This is heart Breaking for Art and me I love Buster. And he is full of so much life and energy I can’t even imagine for him to have to be in pain and not be able to run ever again and possibly walk. The vet all ready said he is not even allowed to climb up on anything or jump, which for how active Buster is that is very hard to do. The cost of both of his Surgeries is going to be $5000.00 Total. Neither one of us can come up with that kind of money. And we don’t want Buster to have to be in pain for the rest of his life because of this Defect.

If anyone can do anything to help donate to help Pay for Buster to get his Surgery. We would be greatly appreciated any of your help you can offer. I don’t want to have to see him not get the chance of a healthy life he deserves. He is such a happy friendly healthy looking dog. When we saved him from the pound, my main concern was trying to save his life so that he did not get put down. I knew we could cover the basic cost to support him, but I never imagined that he would have any problem to this existent that we could not afford to take care of on our own. For Buster sake Please Help him out. Buster really is a great dog that deserves a healthy normal chance at life. He is our Best Friend. Thank you for any help that any of you can do.

Sincerely Buster Brown and his Team Art and Melissa
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