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Can a house be a bridge?

A chasm exists today between today’s prevailing American society and the sovereign American Indian nations (also called reservations) in this country. While there is a steady influx of donated goods and services, long-term healing and change seems to be out of reach.

We (Brian, Sarah, and our 3 little kiddos) believe that someone has to cross sides to build a bridge. So that’s what we’re going to do – next year (Summer 2016) we’re going to plant firm roots onto Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with a little community house that will be our servant’s quarters. Our stay will be sometime between one year and one lifetime.
We aspire to fill the following roles:

• Reconcilers. Healing comes through love, humility, understanding, acknowledgement of the past mistakes and our responsibility to build a better future.

• Family. Spend time getting to know people, hearing their stories, loving and cherishing each person we meet.

• Servants. Come alongside the efforts of our Lakota brothers and sisters and support their projects as advocates of change.

• Learners. We don’t have all the answers. We’ll bring a heart to learn and be shaken up in our beliefs as well.

• Intercessors. Pray like crazy for God’s work of reconciliation, and guidance and wisdom to lead each day.

• Teachers. Not by preaching, but through word and deed affirm each Lakota brother and sister’s identity, as a child of God dearly loved and created for a profound purpose.

We need your help to build a little, 800 sq ft community house where we can live, raise a family, and serve. We’re doing it on the cheap, and using as much local labor as possible to support the Lakota economy. The house will be a blessing to us today and a safe house for the work of reconciliation for decades ahead.

It’s just one more bridge, as we move toward a day where there is no more division, and no more tears. Please join us.


  • $35,000 to build a fully-functioning, basic, single-family home
  • If we can raise an additional $10,000, we can wire the home with solar energy

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