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John Switzer's family is in desperate need in Phoenix/Mesa AZ for radical cystectomy post treatment and funds. Please pay it forward, xoxo!


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** On the closing day of the fundraiser we will match the total amount raised ( up to 5000$ and minus anonymous and organization donations )! Please Donate to Bladder Cancer Victims funds! ------Note From Johns Wife!----- I would like to thank all those who have/ will visit this site. John is home now and rebuilding his strength for the upcoming CHEMO treatments he will go thru. After the chemo is done John will have to rebuild his whole body for the next and hardest step... the removal of his bladder and installation of a "stoma". This operation will last about 6 hours and will be the toughest to endure. With all that John will have to go through in the next months/ year, the out of pocket expenses are expected to be around 10,000$. I want my husband around longer than this cancer( the beast within) will be trying to take him. Therefore I am challenging my east coast family, friends and all others to match MY donation of $50.00. With much love and respect, Jackie - Johns' loving wife forever... ----------- Walmart Employees had a bake sale and accepted donation for John.They raised $432, very nice! Thank you Carol and all involved!! Thank you JoAnn and Walmart associates for the donated food! That will be matched in a donation as well. Thank you Dan And Theresa! xoxo! The cure rates for people with stage III tumors are less than 50%. Patients with stage IV bladder cancer are rarely cured. For more info, click here The pathologist this week says he believes that John's Cancer is in Stage 2 or 3. People like John and Jackie Switzer find themselves facing a battle against bladder cancer with no financial foundation or stability. This is a frightening scenario with the only bright light of hope being from the generous loving hearts of others like you! Est. Cost of the battle is here Diagnosed September of 2011, days before his birthday, with a ' cancerous tumor invading half the bladder'. John W. Switzer just found out he had this evil cancer in the bladder that had clogged one side and he has a dead kidney now. John was born in 1953 and of today ( he is sitting in the hospital for his 1st time in this fight ) 2011, he is under 60 and does not have the government or public options for assistance he might have in 2 more years. However the 1 % chance that is given if he tries to post pone it any longer will kill him before he reaches 60! For about 10 years John has thought he was dealing with chronic kidney stones, and like the man he is, he endured the pain. Now to learn its been a cancerous tumor growing inside his bladder. His wife, Jackie, as been his loving faithful partner for nearing 4 decades, herself has major medical issues that have her disabled and unable to work and care for herself. John is a active member of his housing community, its mostly comprised of sr. citizens. John helps with the birthday party's for the elderly 80 and 90 year old members of the park. He helps when possible with the physical tasks of his neighbors that can't do them himself. John also plays Santa at his local Walmart and 55+ park, he has such a gift with the kiddies too! 9/30/11 - John was admitted for surgery, half the tumor was removed before excessive bleeding and they had to stop. 9/31/11 - John had a second surgery to scrape out more tumor. 10/1/11 - John had a 3rd surgery to insert a tube into the dying kidney, afterwards he is clotting, weak, and in pain. pain level 7 - on morphine. Plans: Chemo has started, John has his 1st treatment on 10/26 - Need to complete and then recover for the bladder removal procedure! Love you Dad - rest up, you too Mom! We pray for help! I have found this website and strive to honor a self obligation to help this community whenever possible that I can and turned to it to see if I can find help now. With All our love and prayers, please help! John, Jenna, Noah, Collette and the rest of the Switzer Clan!
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