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Marci McCormick will win her battle against breast cancer, but we need your help! Please show Marci your support as she fights this battle!

There is no easy way to write a story about a cherished friend like you’re about to read, but imagine living it. This isn't just the battle or story of a woman facing breast cancer; it is Marci McCormick’s story! Who is Marci McCormick, in a few words she is a wonderfully, amazing, strong willed, adventurous, kind, giving, and faith filled Christian woman, friend, daughter, and mother.

In an instant with just a few words her life was forever changed. But Marci’s life isn't just her own, she is the mother and single parent of an 11 yr old daughter named Lauren. Lauren is not just her daughter, but her best friend. Lauren is the reason Marci wakes in the morning and lays her head down at night with a smile on her face and love in her heart! Many of you who know Marci personally know she is and has always been a hard working single parent. She took that responsibility on knowing it would not always be easy, but with faith she embraced it. Marci put herself through nursing school to be able to provide financially for Lauren and herself. Upon graduation she was blessed with a job as an RN at a local hospital where she has cared for many people since 2001. She has been able to financially raise Lauren on her own which is a feat within and of its self. Marci also has dedicated her free time to homeschooling Lauren and offering a helping hand to family and friends in need. Through her faith and the emotional support and love of her family and friends she has created a life her and Lauren truly cherish and give thanks for daily! But this year Marci’s world was impacted in a way she could have never imagined. She was diagnosed with Metastatic invasive ductal breast cancer in January. Through God’s good graces she has battled her way through many rounds of Chemo, medications, and 2 surgeries. But this past week she received a call from the surgeon who stated the best plan of action for her at this point is a Mastectomy. This decision was based upon results and findings from her latest surgery. This route for her treatment was the last thing she wanted to hear, her reasons for not wanting a mastectomy were not based upon vanity as anyone who knows Marci already knows. With all that said I have started this fund raiser to share with each of you the urgency of the situation Marci and Lauren will face in the next few months. With this latest news from her doctor, the last 8 months of treatment and time missed from work Marci struggles with the facts that money is needed to get through this next phase of treatment. Even with this new turn of events she has remained faithful and positive. Some concerns I know she must be facing now is will she be able to pay for not only the medical treatment, but her and Lauren's daily living expenses (i.e. mortgage, food, car, and utilities). She has exhausted most of if not all of her sick and/or vacation time and she does not have the luxury as many of us do of a second income or partner to help. This surgery can require more time off from work and not having that sick and/or vacation time she is faced with the fact there might not be funds coming in to cover their needs. Even now faced with this new trial she hasn't giving up her faith or smile. She has grabbed Lauren by the hand and set out to conquer it with love and smile as she has done this past 8 months! Marci does not ask for help, and she is not asking for help….I AM. There has never been a time in my friendship with Marci that she said I am sorry I can’t help you ……She has always been there for me and my family, I am sure many of you can say the same. I am asking all of those who love Marci, those of you whose lives she touched, to reach out and do the same for her as she has done for so many. We each are giving the ability to control our decisions, our dreams and even our destiny, but we cannot control or change this diagnosis Marci faces. We can however help her fight to conquer the outcome of this diagnosis and treatment. With God’s grace, through faith, her will to overcome, and the loving support of all of us…her friends and family she can beat this cancer. Without the funds to do so that fight for Marci and Lauren can seem at times impossible. So I ask anyone who reads this story and is or has been touch by her story or by Marci herself please find it in your heart to help. Marci’s road to recovery needs to be one filled with healing and love, not the financial burdens of cancer. No one deserves to live and fight this battle alone especially her so please join me in donating to Marci to ensure her path to healing isn't filled with the stresses and financial burdens cancer causes!

I would now like to take a few minutes to share my personal journey and friendship with this amazing woman, mother, and friend I have found in Marci! I met Marci and Lauren some years ago; we attend the same church Victory Baptist. Marci and I both volunteered in the infant nursery every other Sunday during the morning worship service. Marci and I would spend those Sunday mornings in the nursery playing with and caring for the little ones as we got to know each other! During one of those Sunday morning in the nursery we talked about our mutual love of camping and from there the friendship blossomed. It was from that very first camping trip I knew Marci would be one of those friends that last a lifetime. Her kind spirit left a last impression on me and my family. Marci has a very adventurous spirit, she loves to travel and see new places! One of her personal desires is to visit each state in the United State at least once! She has shared this desire with her daughter and many of her friends! Marci and I have ventured to many places together, from the shores of Outer banks in NC to as far as St Louis MO. We taught each other many things along this journey and friendship we have created and share. I taught Marci and Lauren both to laugh and be silly when taking pictures on their adventures! That it is important to make those trips unforgettable and the picture should reflect the emotions as well. I always told them it’s ok if people look at you like your silly, you having fun and that is what counts! She taught me that no matter what life throws your way you embrace it and do it with a smile! She always has a positive attitude and outlook on life. Even if you dont know her personally everyone has been touched or affected by some form of cancer and you know how it can affect the ones we love. Every donation big or small will be a blessing! Thank you for taking the time to read this story and the love and support everyone has shown Marci and Lauren throughout this journey!

I know that many of you may feel and have similar stories or memories you would like to share as well, so this page is dedicated not only to donations but also to give each of you the opportunity to share those stories and show Marci and Lauren the loving support system they have standing hand in hand with them through this journey.

My personal thanks to each of you and God Bless!
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