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The family and friends of Joe Torres are uniting to raise money to help with his continuing medical journey.

Joe recently shared his own story on his illness on facebook by writing a little something to his friends and family so I decided to share this with you * Anna Torres

Well folks let me start off by thanking all of you that have already donated and sent prayers.
Things on my end are pretty tough right now.
The latest update I have is still no news on why my body is retaining fluid.
I have gain about 48 lbs in water gain since this started. While in the hospital they removed three gallons of water during a procedure called paracentesis. It helped somewhat for me to be able to breath.
I have a lot of medical problems going on at this time with have congestive heart failure with an ejection rate of 10%. Now going threw acute renal failure to being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver along with an enlarged spleen.
Gout and type 2 diabetes also plaque me with hyper-tension. Some doctors are saying my new conditions are due to side affects from the many years of heart medications that I take and my damage is caused from that.

I have a list of doctors I must see on a weekly basis from my cardiology-nephrology-hematolo​gy/oncology-pulmonary- endocrinology and my regular pcp. Seven doctors I have to work on me to try and keep me going.
They all what to poke and prod and I tell the same symptoms to them all. I am like a broke record on appointment days.
The next steps they have planned for me is another paracentesis ,a kidney biopsy ,liver biopsy, and another bone marrow biopsy to look for amyloidosis which is a abnormal protein build up in tissue that leads to organ failure. I also must have a ct guided needle biopsy to check some inflamed lympnodes in my chest and upper abdomen. That may be cancerous or who knows what to expect.
Things could be much worse I imagine but I pray everyday for the strength to keep going. MY life has been a long and tough road with a lot of bumps in it. I thank the people that have helped me threw the bad times. My wife Anna has been great for me and has done an amazing job taking care of me.
When she approached me about this give forward fundraiser I was doubtful about it. I told her that I would just start selling all my fishing,hunting,and general tools I have around the house. She was against that saying that I may need them some day again I told her that I was very doubtful about that one.
She told me to swallow my pride and ask for help. That I have always helped everyone else with fund-raising with cooking and doing what ever I can to help. I realized that she maybe right but I will never tell her that. lol
Well it's getting daylight outside and I need to get ready for my doc visits today I have three.
I want to truly thank everyone for the well wishes and support that they have showed.
Thank You, Joe Torres
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