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I am raising money to support myself and my mom until I can get a job.

I am 15, my mom does not work due to her spineabifita. She can't stand very long so she's not able to work. It's very hard to find a job for a 15 year old, but I do have a work permit from school. I'm still looking. I got kicked out of my house with my aunt for family issues, and now I'm back with my mom. Me and my mom have planned to move into an apartment in Berwyn or near Berwyn because we live with my grandma (my mom's mom). We are in a house in Cierco with my grandma and my aunt. I don't have any personal space or anything like that here. I'm sleeping on a cot and it's just really not comfortable in such a small space. I'm really hoping to raise money and pay back as much as I can in the future. Thank you so much!!
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