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This 6 year old child has resided in the USA with her mom and brother her entire life. She's had a stable home since her birth. God bless!

Legal fees needed to help bring 6 year old back to her mom and brother, whom she lived with her entire life. the mom and dad seperated in 2010. The dad has been in and out of the little girls life since birth until the parents got married in 2010.The mom never got legal custody of her when they separated in the end of 2010.She let her go visit the dad for 2 weeks in July 2011 and he kept her. The little girl and boy have lived with their mom their entire life and she has been the sole provider. The mom needs all the help she can get and definitely all the prayers for her and her children. She has limited funds, she is presently in school trying to get the education she needs to have a career where she can comfortably support her children and works part time on a job making a lttle over minimum wage.
An update, they went to court on September 12,2011. The dad make $1200.00 dollars a week and of course had the money to hire an elaborate attorney and private investigator. They went into court with horrilble lies, and I know in my heart that is just what they are and the judge believed all of what the PI had in his report. My daughterhas not had alcohol in months and they reported her beinga habitual drunk and stumbling down the stairs and coming to my house. I know for a fact she has not had alcohol around me. Because the PI has been in business for 28 years the judge took his word at the hearing and pretty much nothing else into consideration, even the fact that the dad has a pending DUI charge in the Virgin Islands as of now. It seems a money can buy you anything.But one thing it will not get them is an eternal place in Heaven.
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