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Please consider helping to offset/assist with uncovered medical expenses to help alleviate the financial burden for Kevin and his family.

Many of you know my brother, Kevin, but for those who do not, he and his wife, Stephanie, are both teachers and have spent their careers helping others. But they are, and have been, at a point where they could use some help themselves now. Kevin was diagnosed with Late-stage/Chronic Lyme disease along with multiple co-infections and, as a result, they have accumulated medical bills. On top of this, they have just found out that he will need more extensive and long-term treatment but found that the insurance company does not want to cover alot of this treatment. At this late stage of his disease, he may not get to the point of total remission, but the doctor is trying to get him there and, at the least, trying to manage the disease and keep it from progressing more. Kevin's doctor let him know that, unfortunately, the oral meds he had him on have not stopped the progression. The doctor now found that the Lyme seems to be aggressively attacking Kevin's brain and said that the only way they can treat it now is with meds that will cross the blood-brain barrier and this would need to be done through an IV. He wants to put in a PICC line as soon as possible, because the Lyme is spreading rapidly. The goal right now is to get effective treatment and do so quickly enough to avoid as much permanent damage as possible. The IV treatment would be needed for months (6 to 12 months or more) and is expensive. He will also need a nurse during this time. We also do not know how much Kevin will be able to work. The latest update from today, 04/19, is that the insurance will now pay for the PICC line procedure and 28 days of meds & nursing care (which is more than what they sounded like they would cover earlier). So that is a blessing, but beyond the first month it looks like the rest of the months will all be out of pocket. That is in addition to the medical bills that Kev & Steph already have from Kev's illness up to this point.

My brother is not one to ask for help, but we know that he, his wife and their 2 girls need it at this time, so we are doing the asking for him. In fact he is being told of this web site only AFTER it's already been created. If you are able to help out with a donation it would be greatly appreciated. We also ask that you will remember Kevin and his family in your prayer, as this is what they can use the most. They have been relying on God throughout this. Any words of encouragement you can leave for him on this page would be appreciated as well.

Thank you so much for your support and prayer.
God Bless,

P.S. Feel free to share this page on Facebook by clicking the "Promote" button on the page. Also, if you would like to send a letter, card or check to Kevin and family, please e-mail me at Note: the GiveForward company retains 7% of the online donations to cover costs, fees, etc.
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