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Viela\'s and Yvonne\'s Recovery from Metaldehyde (Snail Bait) Poisoning

2/26/2010 update:  Viela's bilirubin has dropped to 1.1!! The goal is 0 - 0.4, so we have a ways to go...but we are so, so, so much better than her high of 28! Thanks so much to everyone who has thought good thoughts, said prayers, wished upon a star, and given so generously.

2/24/2010 update:  recheck day! Yvonnie is healed, cured, discharged, A-OK! No more pneumonia and no more meds! Viela is continuing to improve and we will have updated blood results tomorrow. Rocky has a new home! He was adopted yesterday by Michael and it was love at first sight.

It was a dog owner's worst nightmare:  on February 2, Viela, Yvonne, and their foster brother Rocky ingested snail bait (metaldehyde). By the time they arrived at the hospital, Yvonne and Viela were unconscious and having full-blown seizures. Soon, all three were in critical condition. The doctors at Advanced Critical Care said that Yvonne and Viela had the worst cases of metaldehyde toxicity they had ever seen.

Rocky had the mildest case and returned home after 24 hours in the hospital. Yvonne had to be intubated and developed pneumonia, but showed us what a fighter she is and came home on day 4. Both are recovering well at home and returning to normal life.

Viela is still fighting for her life. She also had to be intubated and continued to experience seizures and tremors despite being heavily medicated. She developed an arrhythmia that seems to be controlled for now, and temporarily went blind. We think that most of her vision has returned, although not 100%. The biggest concern of the moment is her liver, which is in dysfunction (not failure). The doctors think that she has a good chance for a full recovery...what she needs is time and the continued excellent care of her team at Advanced Critical Care in Culver City, California. She was able to come home after 1 1/2 weeks in the hospital; her liver values are improving and she is getting stronger every day, but she still has a long way to go. This little fund raiser of ours ends on March 10, Viela's 3rd birthday...our wish is that, by then, her liver values will be back to normal.

Rocky's medical expenses have been covered (ever so graciously and generously) by his rescue organization, Independent Labrador Retriever Rescue of Southern California (www.indilabrescue). Donna and the rest of the Indi team have also been an incredible support to Yvonne and Viela through their hospitalization and recovery. Please consider making a donation to Indi Lab Rescue in recognition of their excellent work and kind hearts.

Viela's and Yvonnie's veterinary bills have reached $22,000 so far and will continue to climb. It is very difficult to ask for assistance and we have already been greatly moved by the generosity of our friends, family, and Labrador Life Line, an organization that helps Labs in need. We understand if you are unable to contribute...but if you can help at all, we are deeply grateful. 

Thank you.

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