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The family and friends of Nicholas Modestin are uniting to raise money to with his battle to conquer his leukemia. Please show your support.

Please give me a couple of minutes of your valuable time to tell you about an amazing fun loving 6-years old boy. His name is Nicholas Sebastian Modestin.

During these tough financial times our family has faced hardship while also facing Nicholas’ battle with ALL Leukemia. We would like to share Nicholas' journey and the lasting impact it has had on our family yet we continue to give thanks for his strength and resiliency and our belief that things will get better with.
Nicholas was rushed to The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) in New York on Saturday morning September 20, 2008. He had a high fever and paleness in his face and body. His blood test showed a dangerously high white blood cell count and low hemoglobin, which required immediate attention. He was transferred from the emergency room to the pediatric intensive care unit where he received blood transfusions and continuous monitoring over the weekend. After several blood tests and a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy on Monday September 22nd, Nicholas at the age of 2yrs old (30 months) was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a very common childhood cancer. During one his chemotherapy treatments in early stages, doctors discovered an adrenal mass on Nicholas' left side of his stomach that was incidentally indentified and surgically removed on October 6th.The one big complication Nicholas had during the first cycle of chemotherapy called "Induction Cycle" was that he suffered a rare side effect of his treatment called Acute Leucoencephalapathy. Shortly after his first spinal tap, where he developed lower extremity weakness and rigidity. This effect showed signs of muscle weakness in his legs that he couldn't stand up or walk on his own late Sunday night when he wanted to use the bathroom on September 28th. He fell to the ground getting out his bed in the hospital.
We looked forward to things settling down instead we found ourselves in a financial crisis. Adding to the stress is the struggle to find a full time job even with level of my experience. The family hit a couple bumps on the road during the end of 2011. In October, Nicholas fought off couple stages of a flu in which he needed antibiotics and then in November, his white blood cell count dropped to 1.5. We did everything possible to get his count back up to normal. During this time the landlord wanted to evict us, because he wanted to raise the rent, even though Nicholas was fighting to get his white blood cells up. His white cell numbers climbed back to 4 and we were still facing eviction proceedings. The family advocate for ourselves fought the landlord in late January before a judge for more time in which we paid off back rent and now have 90 days to find a new place to live by April 30th. Nicholas' mom Adriana had to leave her job to take care of Nicholas once he got diagnosed back in 2008. She is now having problems getting a job with the high unemployment rate. During her off time she takes Nicholas to his OT/PT therapy three/four days a week after school. Nicholas goes to therapy to regain the muscle strength that he lost. His left side of his body is still weak and needs continuous intense workout. Even though he is not 100%, each day A Bright Light shines on his dedication, focus and ambition is stronger into taking big steps and making progress of getting closer to be fully charged mentally and physically.

Our lives have changed completely since Nicholas was diagnosed with High Risk ALL Leukemia. The timing of the massive layoffs and his illness has been extremely difficult on the family who prior to his diagnosis was stable emotionally and financially. Seeking support to be fully available as Nicholas battles leukemia is our ultimate goal. The one thing we're proud of Nicholas as parents, is his determination and fighting spirit to get back what he lost during his battle.
In fall 2011 Nicholas walked into kindergarten class K-110 with Ms. Kasimow to begin his journey to a successful academic life at PS 11 Brooklyn. After three and half years of battling his Leukemia in which A Bright Light has climbed over many and big obstacles. He had his last spinal tap on December 15 and his last dosage of vincristine chemotherapy treatment medication on Thursday January 12th. Thank you god for giving him strength. Now he will be on Sulfatrim medication three days a week for the next six-to-eight months and having monthly visits to the oncologist for blood test. Then sometime during the summer his mediport will be taken out. The bravery of Nicholas continues as he is working hard with all his determination and ambition in physical and occupational therapy to get back 100%. He wants run fast as his classmates and as he says” I want to run faster than my daddy". I told him I will get back in shape and one day run the NYC Marathon in honor of him and other kids battling cancer. Thank you and god bless.
"Today I know that everyday is a challenge for Nicholas. Today I see the good, bad and ugly side of childhood cancer and hope that we will find a cure in the future.  Today I feel the pain, tears, days and nights when Nicholas doesn't feel good after chemotherapy medication and just wants to sit back and rest to watch countless episodes of Thomas The Train Engine & Friends. Today I see other kids fighting cancer and other childhood diseases. Today they bond with Nicholas and become supportive friends. Today I learned even through the struggle and battle of watching a child fight cancer it is important to remain positive that prognosis is good. Today I want to keep supporting families and sharing to find new ways to help, assist and care for each other during tough times at TBHC. Today I want to continue advocating and letting doctors and oncologist know around the world to carry on experimenting to find new medicines and treatment to get cancer out of kids’ body today once they get diagnosed. Today I realize with the sickness of Nicholas that nothing in the world is more important than life itself. Today I see a Bright Light the best lesson Nicholas has taught us is no matter how bad your day is going there is always better days ahead to smile and appreciate."
He will be facing challenging times while defeating cancer and gaining his ability to walk and run again. We're happy to see his smile and confidence back. His toughness and fighting spirit is empowering him to win over his cancer. We are especially thankful to have our son with us today. Nicholas and other children battling cancer is our greatest inspiration to continue advocating for childhood cancer awareness and hoping for a cure.
On behalf of Nicholas and The Modestin Family, we would like to thank all of you for the blessing of your generous contributions. This comes to let you know how much your kindness, support and caring is appreciated.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" Maya Angelou.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
We created a website of the battle Nicholas is going through to beat his cancer. You can check it out at You first click on communities we support and choose an illness. Choose cancer and then click on Nicholas.
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