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We are raising money to help the big, orange cat, Frankie, get his teeth removed. He is suffering from LPS and this is his only option!

Frankie is a big orange cat. He enjoys watching TV and sitting on people's laps. He walks like John Wayne and meows like a Tibetan monk. Although he tends to put on a "tough guy" front, once he lets his guard down, it's easy to see just how loving he really is. We adopted Frankie four years ago from a shelter. He was already four years old and the biggest cat in the joint. He had received little interest from prospective owners so we knew we he was meant to come home with us and become part of our family.
Frankie has recently been diagnosed with Feline Lymphoplasmacytic Stomatitis (LPS). LPS is caused by an immune reaction against the plaque on the teeth or the dentin of the tooth itself. In short, he is basically allergic to his own teeth. His gums are bright red and and inflamed. Eating is a very slow and painful process for Frankie. It breaks our hearts everyday to watch him struggle to eat little pieces of kibble that he has spread out across the floor in an attempt to make it easier to pick them up with the front of his mouth. Due to wet food not agreeing with his stomach all that well, he is forced to eat dry food the majority of the time.
We have learned that our only option for treatment is to have ALL of Frankie's teeth removed. Surprisingly, our vet shared with us that cats usually adjust quite well to living without teeth! We were excited to hear that Frankie could soon be living pain-free.
The procedure is estimated to cost over $1,000. This is money we do not have. Last year our family spent over $16,000 helping Sampson, our Norwegian Forest Cat, battle kidney failure and heart disease. After multiple surgeries, blood transfusions and a feeding tube, it proved to be too much for his body to take and he passed on. We still miss him more than any words can express. Although we don't regret the attempts we made to save his life, the costs have put our family under financial hardships and any emergency funds we had are completely depleted.
We know that times are tough for everyone but anything that can be donated to help get us closer to getting Frankie the surgery he needs is going to make such a difference in his quality of life! Thank you for taking the time to read this and please help us pass the word on!
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