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This is The Help For Bear Fund. The Funds will be used for Bear's cancer treatment. Please give if you can!

This is a fundraiser for our dog Bear who has cancer. We finally raised enough money to do his radiation treatments, with the previous fundraiser. Now we are trying to raise money for his chemotherapy treatments and the medicines he has to take. Bear has been through so much this last year, he made it through heartworm treatment, dental surgery, where he had to have 12 teeth removed, and he had to have a rectal polyp removed. He also was having problems with his kidneys, he was almost going into kidney failure, but he took medicine for it and ate special food for over two months and now they are back to normal. After overcoming all of this, we find out Bear has a canine cancer called Chondroblastic Osteogenic Sarcoma. We are trying to raise enough money to put him through the cancer treatments, that he needs. My Daughter and I are both on Social Security, so saving money is awful hard to do and takes forever to get any amount saved. Please help if you can.

We always do updates on here to let everyone know how things are going with Bear, if anyone wants to read the updates about Bear from the previous fundraiser, you can view them here.

[UPDATE] Bear had his first radiation treatment today. He also had to have another CT scan. There was a little trouble with the anesthesia, they had trouble keeping him under, so they had to increase the dose. They had to do blood work today and found out that his kidney enzymes were elevated, as well as a liver marker. Due to the kidney problems, they have taken him off one medicine and replaced it with another. The medicine they took him off can increase kidney and liver damage. They are a bit worried about the amount of anesthesia they have to use, as it lowered his blood pressure, and they said that can cause more kidney damage. They increased one of his medicines and switched two, to liquid form, to see if he would take them better that way. Because Bear has been pretty finicky when it comes to eating lately, she recommended a few different kinds of dog food, and sent them with us. Bear had a little accident after waking from the anesthesia, he was still groggy, but wanted to try and sit on the chairs in the waiting room anyway. As the Doctor was waiting with him for us to come pick him up, he was trying out all the chairs and slipped on one and bit the tumor on the inside of his mouth. He got it bleeding pretty good, but it didn't seem to bother him much. On the way home he slept most of the way, only waking when we had to stop or a semi scared him. He is now passed out sleeping on my bed, holding on to one of his new toys from his friend. He looks so precious. We will keep everyone updated.

[UPDATE] Everything went well yesterday. There were no complications this time, they said they found a drug protocall that worked for him. So he didn't wake up at all through the treatment this time. The liquid medicines are working great, he dosen't mind taking them as much as the pills. He has his appetite back, and will eat anything you give him. Overall Bear is doing really well, eating, playing and sleeping well at night. After each treatment, they tell us what went on during the treatment, and talk to us about anything else that might need to be done. They told us that what we have to pay is an estimate, if any complications should arise, it will cost more, and if he needs anymore blood work or medicines, it will cost more. The next time we take him, we want to talk to them about getting blood work done to see if he has diabetes, like his mom did. He has been unusally thirsty lately, and that is one of the signs of diabetes. We will continue to keep everyone posted.

[UPDATE] Sorry this update is a little late, our internet was down for 6 days, due to a storm. Bear had his 3rd round of radiation Wednesday. The Dr. said his tumor has gone down some, and his eye isn't bulging out as much. She said he seems to be doing good and looks happy. He has one more round of radiation to go, and then he will have to come back in 2 weeks for a check up. He will have to get x-rays, when he goes for his check up. After the check up, he will be starting chemotherapy. Due to him having to have x-rays, we are going to need to increase the amount to $3000. Bear seems to be adjusting to his mom being gone, he doesn't walk around looking for her anymore. Bear is doing really well, he is still playing with his toys, he grabbed one the other night and wanted to play tug of war. We will keep everyone posted. Thank you so much everyone for your continued support and prayers.

[UPDATE] Bear had his last round of radiation yesterday. The Dr. was really happy about how much the swelling has gone down. He goes back in two weeks for his check up and x-rays. Chemotherapy will probably be started the week after, if we have enough money. Bear is doing really well, eating playing and just being himself. He really doesn't seem like a sick dog, the radiation has really helped his comfort level. We will let everyone know how his check up goes. Thank you again for your support.

[UPDATE] Bear is staring to lose the fur around his eye a little bit, where he had radiation. We have to take special care of that area now. We have to wash it daily, with a mild soap and apply aloe vera to it. He also has to start taking a medicine for it, we aren't sure how long he has to be on it. He has recently started having trouble with his ears, also. He has a bacterial infection and yeast in them, so he has to take medicine for that also. We are raising the fundraiser a little bit, because we need help paying for the meds, and we aren't sure how long he has to be on them.

[UPDATE] Bear had his check up yesterday. His x-rays showed that the cancer has not spread. So Bear is cleared to have chemotherapy. We are going to start the chemo on August 17th. That is the soonest we are going to be able to get up there. We want to thank everyone for helping us reach our goal, and making it possible for Bear to get the help he needs. Even after this fundraiser ends, the twitter account will still be active, so everyone can be kept up to date on how Bear is doing.
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