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This is the Andrew Morarie Heart Transplant Fund. The funds will go toward expenses not covered by insurance. Please show your support.

Transposition of the great vessels is a congenital heart defect in which the position of the two major vessels that carry blood away from the heart - the aorta and the pulmonary artery - is switched (transposed). This defect is classified as a cyanotic heart defect because the condition results in insufficiently oxygenated blood pumped to the body which leads to cyanosis (a bluish-purple coloration to the skin) and shortness of breath In which this is why Andrew had open heart surgery at five days old to repair this, they did what is called a mustard - senning. The doctor looked at me and said don't you worry Mrs. Morarie at the time, your son will be just fine. Little did they know about the future and what it would bring for Andrew and the many others who had this defect and how it would effect them in there late twenties and thirties. Andrew lives at home with us now in Cedar Rapids Iowa.The hospital where he goes is at The University of Iowa in Iowa City. He had to quit his line of work which was flooring and he is now trying to find very light work. He has also had a couple of strokes that have effected his speech alittle and he is a little weaker on one side his right. He has applied for Disability and Medicaid several times but has been denied due to the State Doctors don't yet think he is ill enough. He has been having small TIA's which could indicate another stroke so the doctor's are talking about putting him on Cumidon a blood thinner. .Back in April Andy went into sever vt's and was rushed to the hospital by his brother and all the way there Andy just kept saying please just keep talking to me while he was holding his chest.Soon after he was admitted we learned he would need a pacemaker- defribrilator because his pacemaker just wasn't making ti anymore, so Andy went through with that, but he knew things were changing in his body, he didn't always feel right. Then in June he would tell us that he kept getting dizzy and lightheaded and that he was going to go to the doctor about it so he did and they admitted him. He would just pass out either when he was talking to a doctor or just getting out of the shower or bathroom and would be shocked back,so they worked with his meds and only one would work and that was the amiodarone but it was such a harsh med for someone so young they didn't really want him on it so they decided to do this Ablation were they would go up through the groin and fuse the irregular arrythmia well since all this stuff inside of Andy is backwards it takes a special doctor to do this a children's doctor and that doctor was Dr. Von Bergen whom by the way is a great doctor. So they told us this could take some time and we were all there and we all said goodbye and me being a mother was brave until he left then I cried. So then everyone left and we told them we would call them when it was over. Mike and I took our beeper with and went down to the cafeteria for coffee well it wasn't even an hour into it when the beeper went off so we went back up and then Dr. VonBergen came out and said we worked really hard on him and we weren't going to let him go. He went into Cardiac Arrest on the table and we lost him for 6 minutes. They began CPR, shocked him three times with the paddle, gave him an epi shot in the chest and was then shocked by his defib three times and he finally came back to us. Me I was in shock, but I was so grateful he came back to us. When they took him to his room and he became more awake his doctor was right there and told Andy what happened,he told Andy he really had to push hard on his chest and was hoping he didn't brake any ribs. They looked at each other and there was kind of a bond and trust there because he brought him back and Andy will always be grateful to him for that. He is the only doctor he really trusts to this day. We don't know what the future holds for Andy but we do know he needs that heart, we know as the months go by he gets worse, but we pray someday it will happen even though it will be scary we will all be there for him. . Me as his mother will always be there and I will always be working on something to help him out. When this day does come it will take at least a year if not more for Andrew to be strong again and then the medicines he'll have to take. So all this money will be to take care of him and get him through this. Please be assured that I will keep everyone posted on everything that is going on. Right now I'm going to say that August or September of this year will be when Andy gets his new Heart! Thank you everyone. God Bless! If you prefer to send a check our home address is Jana Long 3416 c ave n.e Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402 and my e-mail is Thank you again any amount will help. I'm going to extend the date because I really don't believe you know how important this is. Andrew needs your help.
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