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For Ronald Poppo, the victim of the gruesome "zombie" attack in Miami. He has experienced savagery, let him now experience humanity.

What Happened:
On the bright, sunny afternoon of May 26 in Miami, FL, 65-year old Ronald Poppo was minding his own business near the beach. He was suddenly tackled, clothes ripped off, and pinned to the ground. Then the unthinkable, the unimaginable, began. His face was literally eaten off of his body by his assailant. For over 15 minutes, his young, strong attacker, high on a designer drug cocktail known to produce effects similar to lsd, pcp, and meth all at once, was unstoppably eating Ronald's face. Witnesses to the attack hailed police, who arrived to help Ronald. When commands, warnings, and injury could not stop the attacker, he was fatally wounded and paramedics were able to get to Ronald, who by this time was barely conscious and writhing in pain. He was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center where he remains in critical condition, with only 20% of his face.

About Ronald:
Ronald Poppo is a 65-year old man. He is homeless, and has been for at least 30 years. He has been estranged from his family for so long that they believed him to be dead. His friends describe him as cheerful, polite, and friendly to one and all, friends and strangers alike. He is currently unconscious, with only the bottom fifth of his face un-eaten. He will need extensive medical care, extreme reconstructive surgery, short and long-term mental healthcare, and most of all, community support.

What We Can Do to Help:
Upon waking, his medical bills will be as extraordinary as his suffering. His pain, trauma, and depression will be excruciating. He will likely be blind. His faith in humanity will be shattered. He need not suffer this alone, and we can help. Thank you so much for your compassion and support.

1) Donations for his medical care, surgeries, treatments, counseling, and other recovery-related expenses can be made through this site.

All donations are received, processed, and held by GiveForward until the deadline, August 31, at which time the total amount will be issued to the Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation who have been kind enough to set up an account for contributions to his medical expenses.

2) Most importantly, spreading the word to others who can help via social media, phone calls, word of mouth, and any other ways we can think of.

3) Cards, letters, music, etc can be mailed to Ronald at the address below. Jackson Memorial has even agreed to read to him all of the wonderful messages for him left on this page. Thank you Kendra for setting this up!

Jackson Memorial Hospital Public Relations Office
1611 NW 12th Ave Alamo Building 2nd Floor
Miami, FL 33136

4) Get creative! This fundraiser will only help with his medical expenses, but there are many other things to think about. Housing, nursing, probable blindness, severe blows to self-esteem - all of these concerns await this poor man. Think about ways to help and get assistance from the many social media groups being set up to support such efforts!

This is not about race, age, gender, or economic status. This is not a time for indifference. Ronald Poppo has been savagely attacked and eaten by a complete stranger, and must now suffer the future with only 20% of his face. If one stranger has caused him this much suffering, then I say let him find compassion, care, and support from millions of other strangers. He has experienced savagery, let him now experience humanity.
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