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Joe and Amanda need your help to get their 3 year old Beagle back on her feet!!! All funds will be used to go torwards Lady's medical bills.

Lady is a 3 year old Beagle that has recently had to undergo emergency back surgery due to severe explosive type 1 intervertebral disk extrusion. What this means is one of the disks in her back was ruptured and was compressing her spinal cord. It all started when her owners Joe and Amanda noticed that Lady had not been acting herself. Usually, Lady is a very happy dog that loves to run, play with her friend Jake, Joe and Amanda's 3 year old Boston Terrier, but on May 24, 2011, she began shaking and dragging her right hind leg and stayed to herself. Concerned, Joe and Amanda brought her to their normal vet clinic and the doctor prescribed her anti-inflamatory thinking she might have just pulled a muscle and the pain was causing her to shake. The next day, Lady began to fall as she would walk. Later that same day, she had lost her ablity to move both of her back legs, only to get around by draggin her legs behind her. Her owners immediatly rushed her to the vet and it was advised to bring her to Bush Veterinary Clinic which specialized in back injuries in pets.
As they arrived, they were told Lady would need an emergency MRI and after the results, Joe and Amanda were told Lady would never walk again if she did not have this surgery. They decided to get the surgery that night, May 25, 2011.
Lady is still recovering from her surgery and her life style will forever be changed. She now has to be carried up and down steps and cannot participate in any activities that include jumping or she risks re-injury. The total healing process could take up to a year.
Joe and Amanda are a young couple about to get married that love their dog and could not see their her never walk again. This surgery costed over $7000.00 and it has become very hard for Joe and Amanda to make ends meet. All money donated will go directly to Lady's vet bill and aide in her recovery. Thank you for your donations, hopes, and prayers. Please help Joe and Amanda get Lady back on her feet!!!
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