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The family of a stay-at-home dad and cancer survivor are raising money to supply a continuous glucose monitor. Thank you for your support!

Abby has been sick since October of 2005. After years of pancreatitis he went to the hospital with a necrotic pancreas, following emergency surgery he was kept in a medically induced coma for two months and remained in the hospital to recover having lost motor function and over one hundred pounds. He also became a type I diabetic. In the following months he underwent two further pancreatic surgeries to correct complications from the emergency surgery. Later that year he returned to school and subsequently was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia.

One year later he met his wife, Ashley. The couple welcomed a baby girl, Kendall, in December of 2010. At that time Abby became a stay-at-home dad and was able to take care of Kendall so that Ashley could continue working.

The remaining pancreas began producing large pseudocysts and was removed in February of 2011. During that operation he also had a portion of his stomach, large intestine and appendix removed, along with two infected pseudocyts and several fistulas. He became a brittle diabetic as a result of the loss of the pancreas. This condition makes controlling your blood sugar more difficult than normal diabetes. His body no longer reacts to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). He has already been to the ER with blood sugars as low as thirty nine without any warning signs. This condition makes it essential that he have a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, as this would allow for alarms when low blood sugar levels are predicted by the monitor.

The monitor would also allow him to return to his daddy duty, since Kendall has been in daycare as a result of his instability. Though he qualifies for an insulin pump, neither Medicare nor private insurance will cover the CGM system. The system has an initial cost of $1,500 and a monthly recurring cost of $400. The money raised will be used toward the cost of monthly medical expenses, which also include cancer medication to stay in remission, pancreatic enzymes and various medications depending on his condition. We believe that with Abby's wonderful attitude and support from friends and family he will be able to continue to fight this battle with a smile on his face. Thank you all.

Please contact with any questions!

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