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The family & friends of Precious Goodwine are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against liver cancer. PLEASE SUPPORT!

Precious is my 32 year old sister who was recently diagnosed in December 2012 with Stage III liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma). Precious is one of the most vibrant and outgoing young ladies you will ever meet and was living a productive life as a Deaf & Blind Rehabilitation Teacher at the Alabama School For The Deaf & Blind until one day she began complaining of stomach pain. After a series of tests it was discovered that Precious had severe cirrhosis of the liver resulting from an autoimmune condition she has been battling since she was 15 years old but there was also a tumor found inside of the portal vein in the liver which is the vein that supplies 75% of the livers total blood supply. Due to the cirrhosis and the blockage caused by the tumor she’s experienced several complications since her initial diagnosis ranging from dilated blood vessels in her esophagus (esophageal varices) which had to be banded to prevent internal bleeding, fluid accumulation (ascites) in her peritoneal cavity that have had to be drained to reduce the fluid build-up, as well as extreme fatigue and weight loss. Precious had recently begun treatment on March 2, 2013 to possibly shrink the tumor through chemotherapy with radiation to follow with hopes of receiving a liver transplant, however, due to her current state of health the doctors informed us that her body wouldn’t be capable of withstanding the radiation at this time and withdrew that treatment option. However, there IS hope and it lies at An Oasis Of Healing which is an alternative treatment center in Arizona that specializes in various forms of cancer and although we believe that Precious will receive the highest quality of care in Arizona this particular treatment center does not accept insurance unfortunately. Precious is unable to work any longer at this time and although we’re doing everything in our power to raise the funds needed to send Precious to Arizona we know we cannot do it alone. Therefore, with the help of our family, friends, our communities, and the kindness of future donors we’ve yet to encounter personally I know that we can raise the needed funds to pay for her medical expenses and achieving this goal would not only help move Precious closer to regaining her health but would also one day reunite her with her deaf and blind students which she so desperately misses. Please donate whatever you can and if you cannot donate do help us spread the word by forwarding her link. Also, if you’d like to donate by mail through check or money order you may do so as well by making checks/money orders payable to our mother Georgia Goodwine-Christian and mail them to her home address: 3977 Howell Cove Road, Talladega, Alabama, 35160. On behalf of Precious and our family I would like to thank every one of you in advance for your contributions and thank God for this opportunity for healing!

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