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The family and friends of Patti Dickinson are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against breast cancer.Please show your support!

In her words:

I went in on April 2012 to have my yearly mammogram; I received a voicemail to call back Diagnostic Imaging because they had found an area of concern, and needed me to have more pictures taken. On April 18th, I went back to Diagnostic Imaging and had more pictures taken and found out that they needed to do an ultrasound as well. Five minutes after the ultrasound, the tech nurse comes in and says they need to prep me for a biopsy. At that point I was still a little nervous. The Doctor had came in and asked me if I knew there was a lump in my breast. I told her no, and then she grabbed my hand and said here feel this. I lost it! I had no idea it was even there and I never had any pain. After, the biopsy was done the doctor told me to come back on April 20th for the results in person. I knew at that point something was wrong. I was a wreck that day. If I had known what I was going to go through that day, I would have asked someone to be there with me, but I didn't know and I cried myself home. The next two days was the worst, having to wait until Friday to come seemed like forever. I decided Friday morning to get online and look up breast cancer. I had no idea that there were different kinds, let alone different stages. I wanted to be able to go to the doctor that day and understand what she was about to tell me. I just had that gut feeling it wasn't going to be good news!
Kurt and I arrived at Diagnostic Imaging later that afternoon and were patiently waiting to see the doctor. The door opened and I saw the doctor enter the room and she had that look on her face and I knew what she was about to tell me wasn't good news. It was confirmed that I had "Invasive Ductal Carcinoma". I totally understood what she was saying and was shocked to see the word "invasive" on my pathology report. Invasive means "spreading", this increases the chance for the cancer cells to spread to the lymph nodes. At this point Dr. Reinbold was unable to tell me what stage I was in or how far the cancer had spread, if at all. Dr. Reinbold told me that I will need to get a name of a surgeon from my referring doctor right away and I will need to get an MRI as well. Within a week I was going back to Diagnostic Imaging to have the MRI done and was able to take the results with me to my cancer surgeon.
Kurt and I went and met with Dr. Scott and she was very comforting and easy to understand. She told us the two types of surgery I could have and the risks and percentages of the cancer coming back to both. She also told us that the MRI looked good and it looked like the cancer was staying local to the tumor and that there were no visible signs that the cancer had reached my lymph nodes. That was great news!!! As a precaution though, the doctor will be removing a few of my lymph nodes and doing a biopsy on them to make sure. After laying all the cards on the table, she then asked me what route I was leaning towards. With the amount of cancer in my family and having two grandmothers that have had breast cancer and both died from it, I wasn't about to risk going through this again, so I chose to go with a "Bilateral Mastectomy".
Dr. Scott said the next move will be to meet with a plastic surgeon and meet my medical oncologist (cancer doctor). Since I have so much cancer that runs in my family, Dr. Scott did a genetic test on me to see if I inherited this gene from my family line. Well, the results were in and I just got a call from Dr. Scott. I was positive for the BRCA1 mutated gene. Not sure if I inherited it from the family line or not, but I could pass it down mine and now it just doubled my risk for getting breast cancer (if I didn’t already have it) and ovarian cancer as well. So with that being said, she then told me that I had no choice now, if I hadn’t picked to do a Mastectomy I would have to now and I now have to go back to Dr. Williams who just did my partial hysterectomy and have him remove my ovaries as well.

Patti has her surgery scheduled for May 30th 2012 at 2 PM.
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