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Blake's Battle!! Please help the Donegan family with the extraordinary living expenses & medical needs due to Blake's terminal disease.

Blake Donegan is a 19 year old who is battling a terminal illness called Niemnn-Pick Type C Disease. This is a neurological degenerative disorder. This means Blake is missing an enzyme to break down lipids within the nerve cells and causes accumulation in the spleen, liver and brain. Children with NPC lose their ability to walk, talk, swallow, eat, along with multiple seizures occurring daily, as well as memory issues. There are less than 500 diagnosed cases world wide and early adolescence is the average life expectancy. Blake's disease has progressed within the last few years forcing Angela, his mom, to care for him around the clock. I have witnessed daily what this horrible disease is doing to one of my best friends and her three other children. Blake is the oldest of four and has three younger sisters. The youngest being 5 years. Blake needs assistance with every aspect of daily life. Angela and the girls battle on daily with little to no outside help. Angela had to leave/lost her job due to the care of Blake. When I say around the clock care, this means just that, 24/7. Angela has to sleep with Blake to keep him safe from all his seizures that occur DAILY. This has put the family in a horrible financial crisis. Medical needs, utilities, food, mortgage, medications, doctors visits, and many hospital stays throughout the year has jeopardized the Donegan's lives. Blake and his mom Angela are both Lyons Township Alumni and still live in LaGrangePark. We are trying to ease their lives so they can enjoy the time they have left together with lightening the financial burdens. There is no treatment or cure for Blake but we can help keep him in the only home he has ever known. Please give any amount you can, every penny helps. BLAKE HAS ONLY A CHILDHOOD TO LIVE A LIFETIME.

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