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 helping mommy stay alive while fighting this neurological disease they call MS......Family and friends of Laura Helm are uniting to raise money to help his battle back to health. Please show your support!



Around three months ago, we noticed our mother was loosing weight. Alot of weight, especially considering that she wasnt trying to. When we finally realized that something was really wrong, we took her to the emergency room.  The problem being, that the disease has been undetected for too long. The Dr's now believe that it has caused neurological damage and are now looking into it being multiple sclerosis or  brain tumors.   

Basically, there is alot going on with my Mom right now. She used to be so energetic, but now she has hardly any energy at all. She's so thin, because her thyroid gland is over active. so even if she felt like eating, the food goes right through her. Im afraid that if she keeps loosing weight like this, she'll run out of food energy to run on and her body will start eating away at her muscle tissue. maybe it already has. Within the last 3 months my mom has gone from her healthy weight of 148 pounds to only 103.7. To some this may not seem bad but she continues to lose 2-4 lbs a week. And she is 5 ft 7 inch. (not short). She has no energy, yet the doctors say her heart, mind, and organs are in over drive. Her memory fades more daily. She can barely keep her thoughts and memories straight anymore. We have to remind her of everything. Her depth perception is off. She falls into everything and looses her balance and hurts herself more and more daily. She is unable to walk most the time and needs assistance. She cant drive anymore. She cant even pour drinks without them ending up on the counter. When people see her, thin and stumbling and tired, they assume that she's abusing her body in some way. they dont realize she's sick. I miss my mommy. The time we use to spend together, the things we used to do. Most the time she just lays in bed, because she's tired, and she hurts. Its hard for her to hold a normal conversation or even simply remember what she wanted to tell you. We see she wants to give up but she is so very strong and fights for us. Just once I want to show her she is worth fighting for!  The docter's continue to run test but just cant figure it out. The testing is so expensive, not to mention my step dad having to take off work, prescriptions, doctors fees, transportation and so on.  Honestly, we barely have money to get by. The dr's have basically said she's completely disabled and incompasitated for 6 months to a year. She has already been unable to work for months.  We dont recieve any financial assistance. There are no Special programs in our area.  And insurance through my stepdads job is $800 a month. Thats half his pay.  This whole thing is a mess. My step dad has to take off work so often, just to drive her to her appointments he is now in trouble. I would gladly drive her around, but i dont know how to drive, and drivers ed is just one more thing we cant afford. It has been very frustrating; numerous exams, tests, and finally admission into the hospital. At the hospital, more tests,sonograms, MRI's, and medications to no avail. With emergency room visits, exams, MRI's, Doctors/Specialists,  hospital visits 2-3 times a week , possible surgeries, recovery will include extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation, in-home after care and the possibility of permanent damage that could restrict Laura from returning to work. Not to mention, day-to-day living expenses and bills incurring now and after this horrific ordeal.

With no insurance, these costs are out of pocket for the Helm family. The doctors she has seen tell her it is really important to keep her stress level down, but that's pretty hard to do when you have to worry about everything from paying rent to coming up with something for supper.

This whole thing has been difficult for her, and for us. but it's something we can fight through. We just need a little help.  Rather it be the smallest donation, help with our bake sales, or anything you may offer. I saw this website and knew it was god send!! So, i would apreciate any and all help and support. Really, you have no idea how much it would mean.  

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