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Oso is my Rottie mix that was was shot on June 30, 2013. This fundraiser is to help him get the veterinary care he desperately needs.

VERY DESPERATE!! I rescued a Rottweiler mix from the Navajo Reservation at the Leupp, AZ dump. He was left there abandoned, skinny, and very dehydrated. I took him in hoping to keep him as my own. I got him back up to a healthy weight and we were doing fine. I had future plans of getting him his shots and getting him neutered. Everything seemed to be going great and we were happy. BUT unfortunately my parents live on the Navajo reservation and thats where I was staying, but in May 2013 I moved into Flagstaff AZ to get a job to save up money for Osos future vet trip. On the reservations animals arent always treated as well as they should be. There are plenty of people who do a great job caring for their animals but in most cases the animals are getting the short end of the stick. So many animals are being neglected on the reservation it makes me sick and I do what I can for the animals I see on the reservation that need help. I have taken 15 struggling animals from Leupp to the Coconino Humane Association with a couple of friends on our own time. Even some of my own relatives on the reservation dont see animals the same way I do, (especially dogs) so a lot of the time I feel alone in my attempts to try and help the animals but I still do what I can with what I have. Based on my dog Osos appearance some relatives started blaming him for things that he had nothing to do with. They think he is a dangerous dog because of his Rottie characteristics but he is such a sweet and loving dog... Eventually one of my uncles started threatening to shoot Oso with no questions asked. I then decided my only chance to save Oso was to give him up to a shelter. But before I had the time to arrange it, Oso was shot. The shot didnt kill him but it got very close. Im not there with him right now but I got the news from my parents. We dont know what to do. They live way out in the middle of nowhere with no transportation. So I'm left with my dog that has a bullet wound in his leg and I feel so helpless. We are also very low on money right now since my job search isnt going well so I wouldnt know how to pay for his vet bills. I dont believe the local shelter will be able to do much for him and Im hoping and praying that SOMEBODY can help him. I'm afraid that if I give him to just any shelter he will be put down. I visited him recently and he is stable and running around like he always did but his leg is now limp and the bullet wound has since closed up. I wish I could've gotten help for him right away but it's been so difficult. I feel terrible that I can't get him the help he needs but I know he wants to live and putting him down is NOT an option. He has been through so much in the short amount of time he has been on this planet and he deserves so much more. I can't let the people who want him dead win. Oso deserves to live his life to the fullest... He was shot in the area where the joint that connects the Scapula and the Humerus and I honestly do not know how he survived it. If the bullet would have gone any further than it did, I'm sure his heart would have been pierced. He is very lucky to be alive. Im also afraid that the bullet may have hit a nerve or something that is not allowing him to have any control over the leg so Im starting to think the leg will need to be amputated. I've tried reaching out to local shelters with no luck so far... but have started donating plasma and plan to use the money to get him seen by a vet and get their opinion. I do not know the exact amount of money that will be needed but once I find out I will be sure to update that immediately. My guess for now is probably about $2200.00 including fees toward this fundraising page, shots, getting him neutered, and any other extra charges. (i.e. medications) After I can get medical treatment for Oso and after he is fully recovered I plan on adopting him out because I cant guarantee something like this wont happen again and the next time he could be killed. Where my parents live there isnt any strong law enforcement around and even if they were to be called they might not even show up. And I highly doubt any justice would be found for a dog on the reservation so adopting him out would be his best chance for a better life. I tried to help him and make him apart of my family but keeping him just isnt an option now. Before he was shot Oso was a hyper dog that just wanted love and attention. He loved to cuddle and play but can be kind of rough so that may be an issue with children. He isn't aggressive toward children but is just a rough player so thats where my concern is with children. He also had to scavenge for food and live off what he could find for the beginning of his life before I found him, so he has this terrible habit of scarfing down his food like it will be his last meal. He is a very good listener when he is calm but he still has his puppy energy. I have other dogs and he gets along with them very well. His only problems are male dogs that are dominant and not neutered. The fact him and the other dog are not neutered is probably the problem. But this is what I know about who he was before he got shot and have no idea what he will be like after this incident and after his treatment. Knowing his previous temperament, I am hoping for an experienced owner.

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