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This is for Amayia and her family. This little one has been fighting for her life since before she was born. She was born at 25 weeks. weighing 1lb 13 oz...her life has been up hill battle. 11 months later and the battle is harder than ever.


I thought this may be a good idea to kind of getting everyone caught up with the journey this little one has been on from before she took her first breathe and give you some insight on what it is we are all praying for-

I found out I was pregnant with Amayia in April 2009. I am from Mn but was preparing to move my family to TX. In July 2009 we made the drastic move to a state that we have never been to and had NO connections. In August I was placed on bed rest due to complications. when I was 23 weeks pregnant in Sept. my water broke. I was airlifted from one hospital in Round Rock TX to St David's in Austin TX after having to decide if we would fight for this little girl's life. I was able to keep her inside for an additional 2 weeks until my placenta ruptured at 25 weeks pregnant. Amayia Hope came into this world on Sept 19th 2009 (she was due on Dec 31st) at 1lb 13oz. From the very start this little girl had shown everyone she was a fighter. She was pulling on her cords and trying to cry from the beginning. When she was 3 weeks old she developed N.E.C ( Parts of her intestine and bowel began to die. The Dr's were forced to give her surgery right there in the NICU due to how unstable she was. She had a lot of her short intestine and some of her bowel removed. During her stay in the NICU she had a total of 6 surgeries. She had to have holes in her intestines fixed and some more bowel removed. My daughter was FINALLY released after 8 1/2 months in the NICU on June 1st 2010. She was sent home with a feeding tube and an IV in her chest. This little girl was struggling with gaining weight due to her "SHORT BOWEL SYNDROME" ( We have begun to discuss possible transplants (liver and bowel) and more surgery options. On July 17th 2010 Amayia woke up with a 101 temp. I gave her tylenol and broke the fever, however, she was not acting herself. I ended up bringing her to Dell Children's (austin, TX) ER that night. They admitted my baby girl. After several tests we had discovered she had bacteria in her blood. from there she snow balled down hill fast and furious. Her tummy started to hang onto air and was getting bigger which caused her other organs to get smashed and begin to struggle. First it was her breathing. When we discovered her Blood oxygen level dropping, she was moved to the PICU where she was intubated. Things just kept getting worse. As her organs continued to fail and she needed more blood products they decided to give her surgery where they took some of her intestines OUT of her body and placed in a bag to relieve some of the pressure to her organs, and we were hoping she would begin to pee and breathe easier. to our sadness that did not happen that way. So, last night they began her on Dialysis. That is where we stand for now. I am going to be updating this page as often as possible...and PLEASE share your love, thoughts and prayers for my sweet little I can pass it along to her. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!
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