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The funds raised will go toward Kari's medical expenses.

The friends of Kari Albertus are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against Behcet's Disease. Kari lost her health insurance in September and without health care coverage will be forced to compromise her treatment plans with her medical team. She has been sick for many years, and is cuurently undergoing extensive medical treatment to overcome her experience wth Behcet's Disease. Without insurance and the ability to generate financial support to pay her medical costs due to her illness, her health status will be gravely compromised, as she will not be able to continue treatment.  

Donations raised will go toward:

- Chemotherapy Treatments

- Blood Transfusions

- Kidney and Liver Treatments

- Weekly Hospital Stays

- Extensive Medical Care and Follow Up

Please show your support!

The following is Kari's Story from the Bechet's Association Website

My name is Kari. I was diagnosed with Behcet's in November of 2010 by Dr. Yusuf Yazici, after about 3 years of illness. During this time, I was unable to receive a firm diagnosis from my medical team, and was not treated other than symptom management. I navigated the medical system while the disease worsened, and assembled a team of medical professionals who suspected Behcet's. Since this disease is often difficult to diagnose, I became more ill before enough diagnostic evidence existed and criteria were met, and I was directed to the care provided by Dr. Yazici. As of now, I feel I have a team who are working hard to facilitate health, while living with this chronic disease. As, I am not well yet, I know I am steadily walking the path to wellness. I recently began Remicade treatments, in addition to my daily cocktail of pills and other medicine. I am hopeful, as are my doctors. If things should change, I know the correct measures will be set into motion by Dr. Yazici, as well as my local doctors. I was born to do experience this and allow it to teach me, evolve me and to enable me to heal others with the understanding I gain each moment of each day, as the effects and manifestations of this disease resonate throughout my body, mind and soul. I think that healing comes in many forms, beginning with one, usually personal to oneself, and growing like the roots and branches of a tree, in all directions and via many different paths, to the next individual...and the next. This short story, is a small step along my path toward healing and, ultimately, total health. The words are hard to write, passing through my brain to my fingertips to the computer keys like liquid; bereft of providing the most personal, intimate details of living with this disease. Even the thought of providing a bit of a laundry list, if you will, of what I have been through and what I continue to go through hour after hour freezes me to my core. However, with any chronic illness, I think it's part of the healing process to go through natural ebbs and flows physically and otherwise. What I do know is this: you must proactively seek health and a way to heal, which possess many facets and dimensions that allow you to be the architect of your matter how it exists at any given moment in time. There is no healing in being passive, although patience with the process and acceptance are true keys to authentic wellness. My intention with is story is to reach inside as a means of reaching out to others dealing with Behcet's and other chronic diseases. To begin to place my story, piece by piece, in a position where others can begin to catch a glimpse of understanding and awareness. As it continues to develop, I hope that my years of holding in and holding on transform, and I am able to reach many and inspire each to reach out during a time of suffering. I hope to contribute to something much greater than myself and my experience with Behcet's

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