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Orion is in need of immediate medical attention. He is very ill and I fear without the proper medication I'll lose him just like his sister.

Orion is my nine-year-old Sheltie and last year we lost his vet. Orion is my best friend, I've had him all of his life and I can not imagine losing him to something that could easily be curable.

EDIT: I've received enough money to cover the tests he will need, and hopefully some of the medication to help once we know what's wrong.

At this point I am only trying to get together a little more money in order to cover the processing fees of this site. $50 should be more than enough to cover the costs of running my fundraiser here without cutting into the money I'll need to have Orion tested.


By the time I found a decent replacement clinic I had also lost my job. It's been months and I am still waiting for the unemployment to come in - Orion is overdue for his annual and rabies shots. I have tried to put money away for his appointment but he's recently grown ill. Throwing up nearly every day.

My dog gave me a reason to live when I lost my grandfather, he means more to me than anything else. I lost my cat due to similar circumstances and I can not make that mistake again. I NEED to get my baby to a vet, and soon.

Vets require payment the day of visit here so there's no way to know for sure how much money I'm going to need with me the day I finally get him seen. I called the animal clinic for an estimate, and the receptionist was nice enough to give me a ballpark figure. Just to cover the basics we're looking at over $300.

This does not include whatever testing and remedies he'll require for his stomach problem.

I have managed to collect about $67 (+$50 that was transfered to this fundraiser.) from generous friends who could spare some money, however that's barely even enough to get him looked at. It doesn't include shots, bloodwork and fees for being a first time patient.

I will update with new information as I get it, and if my donations do go over the required money Orion needs for this visit I will put it aside for him for the future. Between his regular exams and medication costs I know it will all go to good use.

I only hope that with this economy I can find another job before the next time he needs a visit.

Thank you all for reading this.

Update: Orion has had his first exam.

Registration: $11
Exam cost: $130
Drontal Plus: $9.50
Rabies vaccination: $24.21

The exam cost alone was $130, making the information I was given during my first call inaccurate. I thought $200 would cover his physical and his blood work, but it barely covered the former.

Using $67 I raised before starting this fundraiser I was able to afford the costs above of a total $175.30 to get started.

Additional testing the vet would like to do includes these fees:

General Profile: $73.55
T4: $2973
Free T4 (Dialysis): $58.52
Heartworm Occult: $36.63
Fecal Test: $27.41
Giardia: $47.72
Exam Technician: $19.99

A total of $468.85 just to run the tests before any treatments.

Raising $600 on this site will give me a $200 buffer for treatments and medication, which I'm hoping will be enough to cover those costs when the time comes. I'll know better after his next exam and the return of his test results.

Update 2:

I have adjusted the donation goal to reflect nearly $50 in fees the site requires for use.

Update 3:

Due to inability to get the car running (and thus, get Orion to the vet as soon as I would have liked) I have kept the fundraiser open a bit longer just in case any further donations came through.
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