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Willing to give back if you can help. I do pay it forward when able to.

I'm willing to make an offer back to you, but it might take me a while to follow through due to health and financial issues. I'm willing to send a card in return with a handmade organza necklace with European pendant and beads attached. I've been making them, but not making much money off of them yet. I am willing to send these as a thank you gift in return.

I've also set up an event on Facebook for a raffle with prizes.

Please, I know that I was a dummy and that I could had done better, but I need help. I was scammed by some woman which has me -$30 plus the money that she took from me for items I never got for resell to where I could raise my own money. Now I have nothing left and I'm heart broken. I feel like such a dummy too and the bank wouldn't help me and said that they would not get involved with it.

I do have a raffle going on on top of where I've been trying to sell things to TRY to raise the money myself. However, I've not really had much luck with it at all. I've had very little luck with it.

Right now I don't know if I'm coming or going or staying in one spot anymore. Please, if you can help me, I'm at the point of begging for a miracle!

If you would like to buy a raffle ticket for a Hand made Organza necklace, the entry is $2 and the winner will be drawn by You will be given a number in the order of which the $2 comes through, as many times you you'd like to enter. By doing so, it will be like the first person to donate will be 1, the second 2, and so forth. You may enter as many times as you'd like. The money will be sent to my husbands paypal account at Or you can donate $2 here. Just be sure to send a mailing address to the above to where I can send a thank you card and the other necklace that is a thank you gift for donating.

Need medical attention that is impossible to get here due to my insurance. Doc has me on Cymbalta, Effexor, Buspirone (think that is how it's spelled), Syvaila (not sure if that is spelled right). I was also, as of yesterday, added to take Abilify. I already have liver issues due to the same doctor, that has cause my liver to not drain properly and am boarder line diabetic. With that said, my liver is prone to failure due to family members that have had that to happen. With the medications that this quack has me on, it's a bigger risk and could cause failure at any time.

I have a friend that will see me, as he lives almost 500 miles away, better equipment, cheaper than locals (not charging anything but blood work), he knows my medical history, what works for me and what don't. I know I cannot get any other doctor in the same state I live in, due to my insurance being from the state. They won't allow it (but can't determine it or find out if I leave state).

I recently found out that the local doctors don't have anything to do with hospital care either. You got there and you're in a completely different doctors care and there is nothing that your PCP has to do with it. They get notes, but nothing to do with your care and they never step foot in the hospital unless they are there as a patient themselves.

I have five children, four girls and a two year old little boy. I know that with my health the way it is, with other medical issues too, that I need to get the best help that I possibly can. I don't really have much of a choice, as I'm scared of going and not being here for my children.

I've applied for disability, but have heard NOT one thing from it and we had the court hearing on Feb. 6, 2012.

I've got sites set up to sell things to try to earn the money, but we're not getting much from it right now. Here are the links to each one that has been set up:

I have to raise $2000 for this alone.

I'm hoping to raise more to where I can build my own site, and open up an online craft store for beading and jewelry. I do very well with making jewelry and know more about their values. I know waiting on disability this long, I'd rather have some sort of income and I cannot do anything else due to my medical issues. I pray for help all the time, sells or a miracle! I sit and cry because I've tried so many different FREE methods to do this but it never goes anywhere and I know that the search engines will cost to have them submitted except the FREE ones that I've already used, advertising, and many other things that would help me to get this up and running for a full income opportunity. I don't like paying out money to sign up for a company like Avon, Mary Kay or anything like that because I can't get it to go any where when I have certain medical issues that keep me from talking to strangers, go in front of people I don't know to talk to them, and things like that. I start hyperventilating and I start having other issues too. Not breathing, chest hurting, shaking, heat flashes and then black out.

I really truly want to get these things up and off and running and I know that I can raise the money, but I can't when the items are not on hand. I cannot sell the beading and jewelry items on Yardsellr unless they are on hand. I cannot afford to buy them to have the shipped TO me to have them on hand.

I'm a mom of five beautiful children, lost two children before birth due to emotional issues and abuse (until I met my current husband). My children are 14 girl, 13 girl, 11 girl, 7 girl and a 2 year old boy.

I've tried,,, and a few other things, but so far nothing has worked. I still need to raise another $2,000 my this time in May.

I'm sorry that this has turned into a mini book, but I'm really praying here that someone will help me and my family. I know with my issues, that my family need me and I can't be there mentally or physically and I seriously need the help with this. Please.
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