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Little Guy Wants to Survive! We are raising money to pay for Midnight's surgery & well-being from being hit by a car. Please help us.

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Hello, my name is Justine Pham; I'm 22 & I have a 10 month old cat which I adopted a few months ago. His name is Midnight, a beautiful black cat with amazing green eyes with an affectionate personality. He is an outdoor cat & very healthy, until last Monday night.

Midnight was struck by a car last night without us knowing. He somehow was able to come home due to his determination to stay alive. He traveled at least 100 feet with a broken leg and pelvis, crying, in pain to get to our window that is left open for him. Our window is also at least 4 feet off the ground. So I have no idea how he was able to jump to get back in, other than pure determination to get some help. We didn't know what was wrong until we woke up to his cries of pain and saw him try to get up when he was in our room, & he was limping & struggling.

My boyfriend Randy & I drove him to the emergency vet in Fullerton & found out he has a fractured leg & pelvis, caused by someone who hit him with a car, according to the doctor. She said Midnight couldn't have sustained that injury any other way. I got various opinions & they all have come to that same conclusion.

So, in spite of being hit by a car & getting a fractured leg & pelvis, our cat Midnight managed to drag himself home to us, where we woke up to his cries. My heart broke when I saw him.

I want to get him into surgery. The doctors said it would cost $2,500 to fix the fracture and it has to be done in the next few days or he won't be curable and could die. My boyfriend & I live on our own, we both work, but we have fallen on hard times & simply do not have the money to get him into surgery immediately. I don't want to wait. If you are able to spare a donation of $20 or more or what you can that would be greatly appreciated.

The doctor also suggested amputation of the leg, which would cost much less than the surgery, but I will not go through such measures. I believe I can get him better, but I will not do so in a way that is the "easy way out". I love him dearly & do not want to lose him - he needs surgery immediately, & the longer I wait, the less chance the surgery will be successful.

His heart rate is also highly elevated, due to shock/trauma. He needs IV fluids for survival, which is another $300 that I cannot afford. He is in pain, & I am doing all I can to raise the money for his survival.

I just need help....please.
Any donation amount are greatly appreciated even a dollar.

Our Little Guy Just Wants To Survive!

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**If I raise the money for his surgery, I will give away my Nintendo Wii + controllers & games to the top donor. I figured that it was worth more to me to give it away in thanks than to sell it. It just feels right to me. But, if I don't make enough, then I guess I will have to.
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