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On October 26th, we found out this beautiful girl I have the privilege to call my best friend has a brain tumor.

She had surgery on November 16 to have it removed. They were able to get about 97% of the tumor out. The rest was too close to her motor skills and they didn't want to risk it. At first they said the tumor was benign and we thought she was in the clear. After further testing, on November 30, 2015 Katie found out she has stage 3 brain cancer. The doctors came up with an aggressive plan to get that tumor and the cancer out of her beautiful head. On December 22, she started chemo and radiation. The combination of the two was making her very sick. So they decided to stop the chemo temporarily. She has been doing radiation ever since. They say the tumor is already shrinking significantly. Her last radiation will be on 2/10. They will give her a month of a break before they start the chemo back up.

Katie's strength has been nothing short of inspiring. She is so determined to kick cancer to the curb and I just know she can and she will. Watching her lose her hair has been very eye opening and it makes this that much more real. But she smiles through it all and is definitely my hero.

Katie and I aren't like most best friends. She is the other half of me. We do everything together and I honestly feel like she is my soulmate. Anyone who knows her, loves her. Any help at this difficult time would be much appreciated.

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