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The family and friends of Corky are uniting to raise money to help with his battle against lung cancer. Please show your support.

I'd like to tell you about my bestfriend, my soulmate, my husband.

My husband Corky was working in Southern Illinois and I was at home in Minnesota. Corky was suffering from a nasty cough that I thought may be pneumonia. I told him that if he loved me, he would get a chest Xray.

He did and called me to tell me that indeed he did have pneumonia but the radiologist also saw a spot that they weren't sure of. They did a CT scan to see what this was and we were devastated to find out he had a 5cm tumor in his mediastinum. Corky had an appointment with an oncologist the following Monday and was scheduled for a bunch of different test's to be done that week.

I wasn't able to be with him because of financial problems, it was the hardest thing we both had to do. The following week I scraped up enough money to drive down to be with my husband when he had his next oncologist appointment and to find out the results of the tests. Corky was diagnosed with stage 3A lung cancer.

He not only had the 5cm tumor in the mediastinum, but he also has a tumor under his clavical, next to the subclavian artery, which makes them both inoperable meaning surgey isn't an option due to to high possiblity of "nipping" an artery that could result in bleeding to death.

With that said, the only options are treatments of radiology and chemotherapy. For those who don't know, Corky is a Doctor but as stated previously, we're in a huge financial crunch commonly known as bankruptcy. Corky has dedicated 35 years of his life, saving lives, Lets save Corkys Life.

He needs money Donations. With these donations, we plan on purchasing his cancer medication, which will slow down the stage 3A cancer which is located near the trachea and keep his airway open not only to breath better but essentially continue to breath so his ariway doesn't fully close, ending in fatality.

With that said, please donate. Radiology and Chemotherapy are most definately going to be essential in retaining Corky's health, but his medication such as his Inhaler are also just as important but We need Your HELP.

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