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Help Save Tracey Eyesight

My name is Tracy; I am a 36 yr old single mom of 3. Until last year I lived a normal productive life, held a full time job, and a part time job. March 15, 2009, I was laid off of my full time job, and lost my health insurance. I went blind in my left eye July 25, 2009. A blood vessel deep inside my eye burst and filled my eye with blood, my eye looks normal because all the damage is on the inside. I have gone for blood work and found I don’t have a number of different diseases, however, I still don’t know the actual cause of my blindness. I see a retina specialist in NJ and his prognosis is I will remain blind until I can have a vitrectomy and endolaser of the left eye, due to a vitreous hemorrhage.
Being blind in one eye has greatly altered my lifestyle and has had a huge impact on my family. Once I was a completely independent person and now I am a completely dependent person, definitely something I do not enjoy nor will I get used to. I am the sole provider for my children, and myself. I can not get a job in my field because I am unable to pass the eye exam required for employment. I am still receiving unemployment compensation and working part time. I am a full time student of the Medical Assistant program at the McCann School in Allentown and currently have a 4.0 GPA. Just getting to school is an everyday issue, as I no longer drive due to my blindness. I am unable to judge how close or far away my car is from other cars, parked cars or even pedestrians. I have no depth perception and walking can sometimes be difficult in an unfamiliar area or if the surroundings change, for instance snow. I don’t see things as you or someone with complete eye sight would, everything appears flat to me, my left eye was my dominant eye.
I have applied for and been denied countless times for medical assistance, disability insurance, Adult Basic program (C.H.I.P. for adults), and charity care at every hospital in the state of Pennsylvania. St. Luke’s hospital in Bethlehem, Pa has offered me charity care on an outpatient basis; unfortunately there is not a retina specialist that will accept this charity care at this hospital. I have contacted my state representative whose suggestion to me was “apply for welfare”. I have looked into private health insurances and found that the blindness is now a preexisting condition and that the insurance would not cover anything that is pertaining to the eye. I am working with The Bureau of Blind and Visual Services; they have been trying to get funding for my surgery for almost a year, and have thus far been unsuccessful. I have exhausted every option or idea for getting the money, or insurance for the surgery, and have resorted to trying to raise the money through fundraising

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