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It is my solemn promise that if anyone is kind enough to help me out, I will find every way within my power to pay forward your kindness!

I am a 46 year old single home owner. I have worked extremely hard all of my life, sometimes more than one job at a time just to get by paycheck to paycheck. But i was was always happy to do it because I was raising my son all by myself and had to do what needed to be done. My son turned out to be an awesome young man who is now serving our country in the US Navy, currently serving in Japan. I never in all those years relied on help from Welfare and am very proud of that fact!

So after all that, to find myself in the situation that I am in is very hard to take. I worked at the same job for the past 13 years and suddenly found myself unemployed! I found a new job within a few months but am only making a fraction of the money I was making before (and I was living paycheck to paycheck before!). No sooner did I lose my job than the boiler in my house died and I was told by the technician that it cannot be repaired anymore and must be replaced. I limped through the last few weeks of the winter moving a space heater from room to room as needed. I live in Wisconsin, so the latest I could possible replace the boiler is October, when it will start getting very cold here. Being unemployed wiped out the tiny bit of savings had, and now, still living paycheck to paycheck, I know there is no possible way I can save up this kind of money before I need heat again. I have exhausted every avenue that I can possibly think of. I can't get a home equity loan because my mortgage is upside down. I was told by energy assistance that I make $175/month (gross) too much to qualify through them. Most grants I have seen on line are for senior citizens. I don't know what else to do! So I am swallowing my pride and trying this. I know I should not expect anyone to help me. You don't even know me. But I was raised in a very old fashion household with good morals and was always taught to always help out anyone that you can, whenever you can, and I have always done that to the best of my ability. I am just hoping that if there really is such thing as Karma, that maybe it will find its way back to me.
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