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The family and friends of Brody Neal are uniting to raise money to help with his battle against brain cancer!

It all began on April 26th, 2012. Brody woke up from his nap in the car vomiting with chills. An hour later he was lethargic and completely incoherent of anything and didn’t know where he was, who he was, or what was going on. I rushed him to the hospital and he was seizing and completely unresponsive when we arrived. He then spent four days at OMC doing multiple tests and procedures and in the end OMC couldn’t find “anything” wrong. Immediately after this happened his behavior changed drastically. I took him to see his pediatrician and got every test imagined and still no results. I was referred to a neurologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital. In June they did an EEG and MRI of his brain. When we returned in July the results showed a tumor in the left temporal lobe. However, they had us return a few weeks later for a second MRI to get a second opinion to determine if it was in fact a tumor or a lesion. They then scheduled an appointment with a neurosurgeon. This is when Shane and I found out that it was believed to be a low-grade benign tumor but they couldn’t guarantee anything until his tumor was removed and was studied. September 6th he had Craniotomy and Tumor resection surgery, which was a success, and he recovered without any visual side effects. After leaving the hospital we were told we would be called in a few days about what the results of the tumor were. When the neurosurgeon contacted us we were told there were indeed many small cells found and it was not just a low-grade tumor like they had thought before. It was such an unusual tumor that they sent it to numerous specialists around the country for a second opinion. About a week later they contacted us to meet with the oncologist, during this appointment we were told it was brain cancer but they still couldn’t determine the type or stage it was. However, we were to move forward immediately to decide on a treatment plan and the preparation for chemotherapy and radiation. So this leads us to today. As of today it has been decided that it is a PNET or mixed glioma tumor stage 3or 4. There has been no determination as which one it actually is but he will be receiving a treatment plan that would treat both types of cancer aggressively. He will be starting his treatment plan Monday October 8th which includes chemotherapy and radiation five days a week. So far through this all Brody has been very strong and has recovered very well for what he has been through. I know he is strong enough to overcome this and with positive energy and all the love and support of family and friends we will fight and survive this cancer. Thank you all for all of your support and prayers we will be keeping you updated on what is going on. Kuznek-Neal Family
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