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Please join Lucy Diaz on her race to conquer Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Your love and support will get her to the finish line!

I'm Lucy's daughter, Natalie. Some of you may know me, some not. I am saying hello to all and thanking you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this.

Lucy, my mom is my light and my best friend.

     Two years ago in January of 2010, she was diagnosed with "SLL". During our phone conversation, I had asked her what that meant. She said it was Small Lymphatic Lymphoma. After catching my breath, I then asked her what happens now. She said that the Doctor told her it was "inactive" so there is nothing to do but watch it.

     I saw that as a very good sign. To me, it meant that her body had a "gliche", or "imbalance" and all we had to do was find out how to balance and get rid of it. After numerous visits to Holistic Doctors and trying alternatives ways costing thousands of dollars to combat this "gliche", it has come to our attention that she needs to go the conventional way and get Medical help.

     My mom is the life of the party. She knows how to make people laugh and gives "joy" wherever she goes, a real living in the moment type person. Being a single mom and raising me and my brother, Lucy always found the time to have fun. All of her life, she has worked in hospitals caring for the sick, really caring for people as people working as a Radiology technician and CAT Scan technician, both at Montefiore Hospital and Stonybrook Hospital. She volunteered for 15 years in Amittyville, NY at St. Martin of Tours, became a youth leader and taught English to non-speaking residents that were interested in taking the Citizenship Tests. She retired three years ago and moved to Port Saint Lucie, Florida where she has managed to extend her volunteer work at Longwood Heart Hospital, AARP and VITA taxes during tax season and does community patrol in a real "cop" car at The Port Saint Lucie Police Department as well as volunteering for the Secretary of the Chief of Police.

     My mom makes me laugh so hard, I fall to the ground sometimes. I know that she has done that for so many. While telling a story, she will get all her words mixed up and say something like, "Let me tell you something, that... was the slicing of the cake." You can't make that up. Last month, in September 2012 after a follow-up exam with her Oncologist, she received a CAT Scan. Of course, she was able to read it. She called me right away. "Nat, I've never seen so many lumps. I need Chemo. I have Non-Hodkins Lymphoma." I felt helpless.

    So here we are, just weeks after the test results. My mom lives in Florida and the closest family member is two hours away. The only way that I see that she will get the care she needs is if she moves in with me in New York, where I can give her the 24/7 care that she will need. After doing research on what exactly happens to the body, we are trying to prepare as much as we can, both mentally and emotionally. I am re-arranging my very small one bedroom apartment so she can have my bedroom. I am moving my bed out into the living room and getting a bed for her that was donated by my beautiful friend, Manoly. I want to make sure my mother is as comfortable as she can be.


     People are starting to ask where they can donate, so I started this website. I know that Insurance companies won't pay for all of her medical needs, the Co-Pays, the deductibles, the prescriptions, the transportation, and anything else that we don't know about. My mom will start her treatments at Sloan Kettering in New York City at the end of October. My brothers, Steven and Kris are counting on getting mom back to her old self and back to Florida.


    Please find it in your heart to give whatever you can to offset the strain of stress that goes with getting Chemo and other radical treatments. We will keep you informed of her progress here. Send a prayer, hugs, love, and laughter. Lucy has been a "rock" to so many. Let us all hold her in the intention of "perfect health" and give her the support she needs.

    PS...I ask that we never type the "C" word here as words are so powerful and only want positive attachments.

    Thank you so much, Natalie

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