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The family and friends of Michelle Luehr are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against breast cancer. Please show your support!

On January 11 the doctor reviewing Michelle's mammogram and ultra sound stated that she had the beginning stages of breast cancer and that she needed to come in for a needle core biopsy to determine whether or not the cancer was in her breast tissue. The results of her needle core biopsy confirmed the cancer was in fact in the breast tissue.

Wow was Michelle devastated! January 23 was her first lumpectomy which would result in a cat scan that would show additional signs of what the doctor said may in fact be additional cancer. So after another needle core biopsy the results show Michelle needs to have one more lumpectomy.

February 10 Michelle went in for her second lumpectomy, lymph node removal, and a port was inserted for chemo therapy. The results of the 4 normal size lymph nodes and 16 small lymph nodes were non-cancerous. Thank God!

After a month of healing Michelle learned she would undergo 16 chemo treatments; the first four would include two types of chemo medications one included the famous "red devil". Michelle's oncologist provided detailed information on what was going to occur while taking the chemo treatments. But nothing prepared her for what actually took place.

Michelle experienced what she called "dying without dying" side effects. The amount of pain she endured the first treatment was indescribable. Sleep was a major factor the first four chemo treatments along with a supportive husband and family who daily told Michelle “we will make it through this”. Days of tears and fear filled her life, so much so that some days she believed the chemo medication would kill her. After each treatment a new side effect would become present which lead to more medication which in return resulted in more side effects; besides the complete hair loss!

The second issue Michelle is currently facing is the intense pain caused by the lymph node removal. Knowing the possible side effects one being the lymphatic system not completing healing properly has continued to cause pain throughout Michelle’s right underarm all the way down to her fingers. This is a whole another issue that will be addressed soon.

As Michelle continues to move forward with chemo knowing that as of July 16 she will only have two more treatments, when Michelle learns the cancer is back in her right breast. As of August 3 Michelle is preparing for a double massectomy followed by a double Latissimus Dorsi Flap reconstructive surgery, These two surgeries will be completed at the same time under one general anaesthesia. Michelle is looking forward to the day when she will be surgery free and begin to really heal from this whole ordeal.

Michelle wants to thank everyone for their donations and prayers! Each donation helps pay another medical bill.

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