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A friend who moved back home to Guatemala, sadly spent his life's earnings in one day on a surgery that was supposed to have saved his life.

Pedro Calixto Vasquez who goes by Tony, has lived in the US roughly about around 7-9 years and like most illegal immigrants, he crossed the border in hopes to search for a better way and life to help support his family back home. He was a very hard working and humble guy who was very active in his church and lived a Christian life. He never drank or smoked and always came to work on time. He was the only member in his family that actually moved and lived here in the US.

After working in the US long enough, he was able to save up enough money to move back to Guatemala and resume the responsibilities of caring for his mother. It was the first time in 7-9 years that he has seen his family and been back home. He has only been back in Guatemala for about 1 year and sadly today we learned about his very sad and unfortunate situation.

As everyone may know, Guatemala has one of the highest violent crime rates in Latin America. Being a poor country, they do not have the amenities and access to the type of life and care that we have here in the US. Guatemala's public hospitals frequently experience serious shortages of basic medicines and equipment. Many hospitals in Guatemala require payment prior to treating patients, even if personal insurance will cover the treatment. They do not typically enter into payment plan agreements. Tony didn't have any insurance.

We found out today in a discussion at work that Tony's appendix ruptured and he had to have surgery. He spent all of what he saved up working in the US towards his emergency surgery. What he saved up while working here in the US, was supposed to have lasted him 20 years in Guatemala was spent in one day, in what should have been a life saving surgery.

His surgery was completed successfully, except for one critical thing. While the medical team was successful in removing his ruptured appendix, they failed to sanitize and/or clean where his appendix ruptured before sewing him back up. It has now become infected and is eating away at his internals. His family notified his friends here in the US that he is in very critical condition and will not live for much longer.

We can't imagine what he is going through at this time and who will be taking care of his family. He used to always send money back home to help support them. We all know the cost of living and wages in Guatemala are very low.

We opened this fundraiser in hopes to raise some money to send to his family. We don't know if he will be trying to have another surgery to save his life, but we really doubt it now because he spent all of what he had on his first surgery.

Please, if you could be so kind as to donate anything you possibly can towards this fundraiser, we along with everyone else will greatly appreciate anything you donate. We're planning to send some money we've collected on Monday December 12th to his family.

We will try to find a picture of Tony and upload it to this page. If you can image a Guatemalan guy around 5' 5', tan complexion, 150lbs, short black hair, and an overall nice character.

We, along with his family, appreciate all of your thoughts, prayers, and donations.

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