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My pup Asta needs surgery on both her knees for a condition called patellar luxation. Her knee caps slip out of place causing her pain.

Even a small donation will go a long way!!!

My baby terrier mix just turned one year old on November 5th, 2011. She's been having trouble with her right knee for a while - I've always had to manually pop in back into place. She'd be fine for a while and then I'd have to repeat the process.

But, on Saturday November, 5th (yes, on her birthday), Asta decided to try to jump onto my bed and ended up hurting her left knee pretty badly. If you have ever heard a dog scream, then you'll know it's not a fun sound to hear.

The next day she was not only limping on her left leg, but her right knee was stilling popping out of place per usual. So, on Monday I took my poor pup to the vet.

He told me right away that Asta has patellar luxation. The grooves in which her knee caps slide are too shallow, which makes her knees pop out of place. Her left leg was better than the right, but after her Saturday night failed jump, it seems they are now equally messed up.

Asta is a very vivacious and gregarious dog. She is the friendliest dog I know. She doesn't know a stranger, and when I have people at my house, Asta is the perfect hostess, usually parading her toys to each guest so they can look upon her treasure trove. She also loves to climb upon my guests, forcing her insurmountable amount of love on each one in turn. You can't help but love this mutt.

I adopted Asta when she was only 5 months old. She was a heap of fur and a bag of bones. She has flourished ever since I brought her home. And she and my other terrier, Gertie, are the best of friends. They are bosom buddies, never more than a few feet apart from each other. I know Gertie would be truly devastated if anything where to happen to her little sis.

Without surgery, Asta's quality of life is in jeopardy. She might eventually end up needing amputation or worse, euthanasia, without the proper surgery. Unfortunately, I am in graduate school, barely making enough to pay rent and tuition. I cannot pay for her surgery by myself. This is where you're helped is greatly appreciated!

Help give my amazing shelter-pup a chance to live a happy, healthy, and long life!

Thanks in advance,
Holly, Asta, and Gertie
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