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The kids of Kharran Cattell are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against ovarian cancer.


Update Dec 26th, Please note:  

the way this site works the best, is that you share it with the people you know. Spreading the word can greatly increase the number of donations and help bring awareness that our health system cannot provide all the benefits that are available to cancer patients such as in Germany. Cancer rates are increasing significantly in the US with half of all men and a third of all women expected to receive a cancer diagnosis. Cancer in children is sky rocketing. Giving Forward, in this case to our mom, will help her, but also help others realize they may need this kind of help for themselves or a loved one in the future


About Kharran:

Kharran is a dreamer – she believes that one day (soon) the world will be a better place and she has taken her beliefs into action in making this dream come true.

Kharran has welcomed exchange students to her house each year for over a decade. In 2004, she took this further by actively being involved in bringing exchange students from around the world to American families. Many Muslim students were brought into the community and build friendships that bridged a better and more accurate understanding among the differences in both cultures.

With her deep love for the planet and vision in building a more eco-friendly community, Kharran became the co-owner of a local and organic grocery store, helping local farmers, small businesses and making a healthy lifestyle accessible to the community. To many people, Kharran is not just a good friend, but a role model. Her active involvement in the community has inspired many.

Kharran has shown strength and courage since being diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer in the spring of 2011. During her first ever chemo treatment, she opened her store, kept working with exchange students and held a third job all while maintaining a family, all because she never gave up in believing in her dreams in building a better place for her family, the community and this world.

Kharran just returned from a treatment in Germany (Klinik Marinus Am Stein) and has shown improvement. She saw many successes with their non toxic treatment and unfortunately these treatments are not covered by American insurance. She needs to return in Feburary and your donation will help fund the trip. 

(a personal website is being developed with details about treatment here and in Germany. will be the domain and we'll update you once the site is ready.)


As her children, it is easy for us to say she is one of the most brave, inspirational, strong, and heroic women we know. We all want our mom to be around for years and years to come and we think it's important for people to know her story. Some may be inspired by it and follow in her footsteps, some may feel sorry for her and then that's it, and that's okay. However, we would like to leave you all with one last piece of information. Ovarian cancer is deadly among women because so little is known about it. Very little funding is put towards research and therefore results in women dying within five years of being diagnosed if the cancer is not caught at an early stage. So please, we are accepting donations to help save our mother's life. Her cancer was very unexpected and if it wasn't for this current situation, she would be a healthy, vibrant woman out saving the world!

Please donate whatever you can and forward this, share this.

Thank you.


Paris, Madrid, Aaron and Stevie

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