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The family and friends of Robin Collins are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against colon cancer. Please show your support!

A Note From a Friend,
Robin is the kind of woman who expects a lot from herself. She gives to others selflessly and cheerfully, taking nothing in return. She doesn't wait for people to ask her for assistance. She simply sees a need and comes up with a way to help. I have witnessed Robin over the years help others, even when her situation seemed much more dire than those she was helping. She didn't seem to notice because she had one thing on her mind....doing what was right. Now Robin needs some help from us.

Robin has been diagnosed with a rare form of Colon Cancer and began radiation and chemotherapy in early June, 2012. Unfortunately, her health insurance will not cover the treatment she requires for this type of cancer. Robin and her husband are currently rebounding from some very difficult financial times and can not possibly manage the expenses the required treatment will cost. She applied for financial aid at the hospital, and fortunately was granted enough support to cover hospital expenses. Exciting news as this is, it will not pay for doctor and prescription costs that could amount to over 50,000 dollars. Her husband works hard at his job, but Robin's cancer treatment will cause a substantial financial hardship that Robin and her family should not have to endure when going through such a difficult and challenging time.

Robin needs our love and support now, and if we can help ease her financial burden, she will have a greater chance at beating this battle against cancer. Please folks, find it in your hearts to help this amazing lady. May God bless you.
Mary Vought

A note from Robin's Mother,
Robin was born weighing in at 4 lbs 7oz. She was full term. She was what they called an immature baby. I had nearly miscarried when I was 4 months pregnant with her, but she fought to stay in the womb, showing me she was a fighter. At 16 months she was diagnosed with two heart conditions (interventrical septal defect and pulmonary stenosis), both which later required surgery. She had her first surgery around the age of three. A year later during her follow-up visit it was discovered she needed a second surgery. This was done the following year. One of the things she told me and my mom was "Don't worry, Jesus won't let me die". She was a little girl comforting her mother and grandmother. That was the beginning of the strong faith in this girl. In her teens she became addicted to alcohol and drugs. She struggled with this for years before overcoming them with the inner strength within herself, her faith in God, and the help of her AA/NA sponsors. In the 1990s she learned that she had Hep C as a result of the blood transfusions in those two heart surgeries as a child. She tried unsuccessfully to undergo the prescribed treatment for it. Even though she was defeated in that, she was not defeated with her love of life and she continued to share her joy of life with those around her.

One of the things that Robin has always loved is to be around older people. She treats those she works with as a caregiver as if they were her grandparents and gives them all the love she would give to her grandparents. She has a smile and laugh that warms the hearts of those who know her. When she goes into the dining room at the care facility she goes to each table and speaks with each resident there, again as if they were her own grandparents. Her love of family is shown in the way she is loved by her nieces and nephews. She is the aunt they want to be around because she is fun. She plays with the little ones and they adore her. She shows her love of life in all of her actions with all of her family. Now she is battling a new disease, cancer in the colon, and she is handling it the same way she has everything in her life--face on and full bore ahead. This will not defeat her. Robin has all the drive and determination she needs to carry her forward. But she does need the help of others now as she has no insurance to help defray the cost of this latest development in her life. Thank you for reading my story. As her mom I am very proud of her.
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