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My lil 5pd black and gray poodle Flame has cancer.

She needs surgery and will die without it. Her lump gets bigger everyday taking up her life literally. She is blind but dosent let this get her down. She was so happy and would cheer anyone who had a bad day up. She is starting to slow down now that she has cancer. I'm poor so I can't afford her surgery which she desperately needs to save her life. She is me and my other pets lil girl and our family will have such a hole without her. Also have a cat spirit rose who will need to be put down soon she is 16yrs old it $90 to have her cremated in a box with her name on it so we can be buried together. We also have a female min pin sheep dog mix who is having extreme health problems she is 10yr .so I will need to cremate too , to go with use also. I recently lost my job so I need help caring for them. I was at my job 15yrs we didn't have a lot to put back but we could cover their health care. Now that I'm disabled it's really hard to find a job from home. And if you do find one which I've personally found out the last year they don't pay anything. If you could find it in your heart to donate anything we would really appreciate it. We really do need you desperately . Thank you so very much, Kandi
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