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Please help me help the Walters in this battle for their family by giving forward in their time of need. Please read their story..

Please help me help the Walters in this battle for their family by giving forward in their time of need. Please read their story..

I bring to you a story of great proportions... one that will make you reflect on life, and hopefully find a place in your heart to Give Forward.

Imagine being the husband in a wonderful, no, an AMAZING family. You are under constant stress worrying about your family’s health  and survival, feeling helpless as your whole world comes slowing down almost to a stop when those worries are suddenly founded. You know you will now have to spend more time at work to be able to continue supporting this life, this family, and it’s love! Can you take a moment to imagine…being told that your daughter will be sick for the rest of her life?

Imagine that your infant daughter became sick one day, as children sometimes do. You bring her into the hospital again after many many tests had been performed, only to be told that she has NF a Tumor causing disease. This is what happened to this young family. When their daughter was just a baby, she was diagnosed with a disease that causes tumors to grow, NF makes tumors at the end of any and all nerve endings and it a serious and yes often terminal diesease, and she has to have regular operations to keep them from impairing her young vivacious life. That girl is now 14, and has had to endure several surgeries of 15 hours or more just to stay alive. This trek in this young families life means they have to travel almost 300 miles one way to the nearest Children’s Hospital located in Seattle, WA.  The family then stays in Seattle waiting on the daughters recovery from each surgery until she is stable enough to travel the 300 miles back home, where she can continue to live her teenage life in a small town. This wonderful teen angel has smiles that will light up your life, and with everyone she meets she shows and encourages them to be their best.

NEW UPDATE .... This wonderful teen was also diagnosed with a rare disease called madelung's disease just this last month!

Can you imagine on top of that your son has heart problems? Now that hasn’t stopped him, and I don’t think it will until he is ready. He is an active sports lover, a hunter, a fisherman, a mudding enthusiast, and all around teen boy of 16. A boy who tries like the world to not let his heart make his life any less than it should be. He is sweet and shy, but will help you in a heartbeat so that you too can see that life is amazing to live. His wonderful girlfriend of two years has helped the family as well; being girly with his sick sister, and working wonders baking and keeping him well fed. Even becoming like a daughter to his parents. This wonderful young man takes the world on his shoulders in trying to help his family in their time of need.

Can you imagine that added to all of the above, that your wife was told she has multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease whereby the body's own immune system, which normally targets and destroys substances foreign to the body such as bacteria, mistakenly attacks normal tissues. In MS, the immune system attacks the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system). In spite of all this, the wonderful woman takes life laughing even as she succumbs to the symptoms of MS. She giggles with her daughter while making funny faces at her son and husband. Gives her all to her family and friends to let them know they mean so much to her. Even with the recent loss of her grandfather, which hit her and her family hard. This woman has had to watch her daughter go through hours and hours of surgery to remove the  tumors from her body so that she may lead a somewhat normal teenage life. She has watched her son grow into a wonderful young man willing and ready to help anytime no matter how his heart is affecting him. All of this, only to collapse with her first stroke at the age of 34. That was two weeks ago. As she began recovery of this new hurdle, she succumbed to yet another stroke on August 4, 2012  after having one only the week before.... so two strokes in two weeks. She was airlifted and then put through rigorous testing, which found an ominous spots on her brain. Though the doctors are still unsure exactly what is going on, she now lays again in OSHU in Portland, OR. Waiting for a diagnosis... waiting for hope.... and with a family still in need of her, and her help.. and your help!


More information on Multiple sclerosis  


Want to Just help with a Gift card for, gas, groceries, clothes or as a pick me up? Or just want to send it to me to put a gift basket with other donations? Email and I will have a list of places that are close for them and will answer questions. All monies will be sent from here in the form of a check directly to the family!


Update 8/16/2012
Posted August 16th, 2012 by Walters Family

I know that this is a ongoing story and nothing is as simple as well all want it to be.. We are seeking people/families who would like to coordinate with me (and a family friend who has stepped up and Emailed) to be able to coordinate meals for this family to alleviate some of the burden. Whether it is a meal, or even a gift card to help with meals/gas/etc., anything is wonderfully accepted.

  • If you chooses to help with a meal  please contact me and I will help you get in touch with the right person.
  • If you choose to send a gift card/gas card then please Email me and I can get you a mailing address!!
  • If you just want to send a card that is an option too...this family could use the encouragement they can get.
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