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I'm fighting cancer with all my guts! Help me kick its ass again! Please show your support! Show your love! Give your prayers!

This is my new page!
I want everybody to know that every penny that has been donated at my first fundraiser has helped pay for the new medication. All further donations will be used for more medication and secondly to help get my parents here. Please consider donating money of any amount to my fight with cancer. The new medication and treatment I am now undertaking is all 'out of pocket' expenses. I don't have any money in my pocket so I am counting on God, and 'your pockets' ;-) to help me have the best chance at fighting!

Altynay, 26 years old, has been diagnosed with cancer in November 2011. Metastatic Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma of Unknown Primary. Prognosis to live: 9 more months, maybe more.
Surgeries: bilateral ovary removal, appendectomy.
Since December 2011 she started her chemotherapy - Carboplatin and Taxotere, a cocktail that kills different types of cancer. 3 hour infusion in a chemo room, every 21 days, 6 treatments in total. Then Taxol, 3 treatments in total, every week.
March 1, 2012 Altynay has entered remission. Since then she fought other post-cancer illnesses like Lymphedema, Edema of lower and upper abdomen and lower back, multiple pleural effusions, etc.
June 26. After X-ray of my chest I had an appt with my doctor Oncologist where he said that my left lung looks like pneumonia, so he prescribed me antibiotics for that. My right lung seems to be doing fine. I still am swelling up with fluid in my legs, abdomen and back. They dont wanna take out the left tube yet (for the past week I have been draining it every other day - never more than 50 ml comes out of it). I also did a CT scan, and boy was it difficult with all the swelling. CT scan didnt show any tumors (which for any other normal person is good news).
Today June 27th another appt. On scans I have nothing so my doctor refuses to give me chemo. But I have all these fluids that are cancerous, and all these side effects. It's like the ball, the party is going on without the host present. Cancer is hiding and yet it's giving me all these side effects. Of course, doctors could give me a cocktail of chemo but Im too weak to handle that, I will die. So basically I asked my doctor if there is anything that can be done. The answer was hospice care to make me comfortable. -How much would you think I have left to live? - Few weeks up to two months. :'(


Things I'm grateful for in my life: God, my husband Joey, my Kazakhstan-Russia family, my big American family, my friends all over the world, my Doctors and Nurses!

Even though God has always provided for our needs, I decided to help Him a little bit by creating this fundraiser.
My biggest dream this year is to stay alive. I'm waiting for my appointment to an MD Anderson doctor.
Also I want my family from Kazakhstan and Russia - my mom, dad and my sister come over here and be with me if these are my last days. A week ago it was Joey and I going over there, now I can't... Please help my dreams come true by donating, if not the money, then your prayers for my healing will be a great deal! Thank you!

So Bryomixol. Joey found it for me. Based on several success stories of Joey's friends we decided to try it. Even dear close friends who are doctors considered it a BS, we considered to try it. It'a all homeopathic, 100% natural, no side effects like then ones from chemo. Basically it's several FDA approved medicines. 1 is drops under your tongue, 2 one is pill under tongue, 3 is inhalations, 4 is IV injections. It is really simple. Joey has seen results, I'm full of hope that this will help me.
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